PACT’s work is made possible by the generous support of people like you who would be devastated if they had to surrender their companion to a shelter.

Our animal foster home placement is a no-cost service for our military and critically ill patients all around the country. We want to keep this mission going strong and help as many families as possible, so every donation, no matter how small will make a big difference for the families in need of a helping hand that have no place else to turn to!

Make a difference in the lives of our military and hospital patients- save an animal from pet abandonment today, and keep a loving family united tomorrow!

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Need a great alternative for a birthday, anniversary in memoriam. Consider PACT as your gift of choice.


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Host a fundraiser, and list PACT in lieu of a gift for your next celebration.

What do you love to do? Use your favorite activities to help raise lifesaving funds for families in need of a safe haven for their pets until they can be reunited.

Call 610-581-4141 or email to learn how you can raise awareness and donations.   

Below are just a few fundraising ideas:

  • pet parade
  • Bar or Bat Mitzvah project
  • school volunteer project
  • rock band benefit
  • seasonal party like a Halloween Party or a Gingerbread Dog House Party
  • adoption event
  • candy drive
  • run for a cause
  • donations in memory of