“My husband deployed to Afghanistan and I needed to move in with family in order to have help with the kids while I had medical treatment. PACT was a great organization to work with. They found a great group of foster families for me to pick from. When foster #1 became unable to care for my dogs they quickly made a decision to move the dogs to a very nice boarding facility until I could pick a new foster family. Foster family #2 was so awesome and accommodating and loved our dogs as well as they loved their own 2 dogs. I love the organization and hope that we are in a place where we can help foster a dog one day.” Jennifer, Owner, 2/2016

“My experience with PACT has been excellent. The entire experience has been easy, and stress free and the foster family for Missy was amazing. I filled out the application and within days I heard back from Deborah with several foster family options. I picked the closest one which also happened to be the family I liked the most. And being that Missy is 14 years old and has tight hips and arthritis I originally worried for her health, and that she would be handful for them, but they were so kind with her and the fact that I could genuinely tell that they knew I needed this time to focus and get better made my worries go away instantly. I was so happy that she was placed with such a wonderful and caring family. I had complete trust in them that they would take care of Missy. I would highly recommend PACT to other veterans who are need of great care for their pets for a short or even extended period of time. I honestly tear up when I think about how awesome Missy’s foster family was. Each and every one of them I know took care of her and I can tell that she misses them a lot. Thank you for everything.” Sharon, Owner, 1/2016

“Jackson became a part of our family. We found ourselves telling him that we loved him and he was another member of “the pack”. Our friends and family loved Jackson as well and were all sad to see him go, however, we are thrilled that he was able to reunite with Will. Our experience with PACT was seamless. There was constant and open communication ensuring everyone had the resources and information necessary.” Kristina, Foster, 10/2015

“We have been visiting with Roxy and Lisa every week for the last two months. Lisa is a very hospitable host and a great cook too! It’s one thing to know Roxy is safe. Its another thing to know she is being loved and I am certain Lisa loved our Roxy with just as much heart as we could give Roxy ourselves. I really can’t find words to truly express what Lisa and PACT have meant to us.” Helen, Owner, 9/2015

“I recently had my 2 cats returned to me.  PACT for Animals helped me place them with Laurie.  I am in love with your agency.” Christine, Owner, 9/2015

“I can’t tell you how absolutely wonderful Sharon and Wendy have been to Dinah. Knowing that she has been loved and safe with them is the greatest gift. Without them and PACT I’m positive I would have had to give her up.” Desiree, Owner, 10/2015

“Every step of the process was thoroughly explained and guided. I never felt worried, or as though my Rose was not going to be properly taken care of. PACT always had a caring and professional attitude, which I couldn’t have been more grateful of. PACT was an absolute lifesaver for me. Before I found the organization, I was so scared that I would have to give my dog away. I have raised Rose as a baby and have invested so much love and care with her. To lose her because of a deployment would have been devastating. PACT was so helpful with how they screened possible foster families, listened to my needs with Rose, and set absolutely everything up. Deployments are a stressful time, especially when you are taking care of everything on your own. PACT was that light in the dark I needed the most, and they made sure that I could keep my best friend and have her to come home to.” Olympia, Owner, 8/2015

“Absolutely wonderful, great peace of mind. You guys provide a wonderful service and I greatly appreciate what your organization has done for our family.” Cynthia, Owner, 8/2015

“I’ve used PACT for my own placement with my dogs, and jumped on the opportunity to pay it forward. PACT was always there to help me along the way. I love them!” Barton family, Fosters, 8/2015

“PACT is always helpful and communicative. Having these three loves for the few months I had them was so much fun. I loved coming home to their greetings every day and snuggles every night.” Fidik Family, Fosters, 7/2015

“ALWAYS impressed with level of personalization and service. Everything is always as it should be – no surprises, no problems with PACT. Amazing in every aspect.” Witsen Family, Fosters, 6/2015

“PACT was amazing every step of the way when it came to finding the foster family for my dogs. PACT is perfect the way they are!” Russell, Pet Owner, 6/2015

“Solstice was our fifth dog with PACT. We are honored to be able to do something to ease the minds of our sons and daughters who serve in the military!… Any questions or needs we have are taken care of right away… Ready for our next dog(s)!” Smith Family, Fosters, 6/2015

“I could not have been more satisfied… The dogs were a delight, well-behaved and lovable. It was a pleasure to have them and I miss them already.” Strickler Family, Fosters, 6/2015

“I was frantic trying to find a home for Pablo… PACT was instrumental in saving Pablo’s life. I’m not sure what I would have done had PACT not assisted with finding Pablo a foster home, an amazing foster at that. The foster was as compassionate and as committed as PACT. She was just wonderful; she was accommodating and flexible regarding visits and all of the logistical details. I couldn’t have asked for better service all around. If Pablo could sing he would surely sing PACT’s praises! PACT, thank you so much for your assistance. I will certainly refer your organization to anyone in need or anyone interested in fostering or helping.” Alena, Owner, 6/2015

“I can’t thank Natalia and your organization enough for truly saving me!!! Natalia and her family were a true gift sent from God!! They cared for and loved my dads polo just like a member of their family. They were both sad to say goodbye!! Without PACT and foster families like Natalia I would have been completely lost and overwhelmed! Not only did Natalia open her home to polo but also her heart and for that I will be forever grateful! I look forward to the day when Natalia and her family can meet my dad!!!” Bernadette, Owner, 5/2015

“It was a great experience for all. Looking forward to doing it again!” Placha Family, Fosters, 4/2015

“Our experience with PACT was amazing. It was a very easy process from the beginning to the end. We have formed an amazing bond with our foster pups and their mom. I was so nervous when it came time to reunite the pups with their mom because of the bond we all had with them, especially the kids. But it was a bittersweet moment that I will never forget. That moment opened my eyes as to why we fostered in the beginning and why we cannot wait to do it again.” Masusock Family, Fosters, 4/2015

“My PACT experience has been excellent from start to finish. PACT representatives maintained great communication throughout my entire experience, from helping me find a suitable foster to arranging the drop off and pickup of my pet. Thank you PACT for helping me through a difficult patch in my life and giving me piece of mind that I will be reunited with my beloved dog at the end of the ordeal. I could not fathom giving my dog away and with the help of PACT I didn’t have to consider it.” Bryan, Owner, 3/2015

“It was very smooth and reassuring from the beginning. They have done a great job, I could not ask for anyone better.” Jade, Owner, 1/2015

“Everything was handled very professionally. Made it easy to participate!” Mann Family, Fosters, 1/2015

“It has truly been an amazing experience in such an overwhelming situation. If ever you are in a situation where you need a temporary home for your pet call on PACT and they will help.” Ebony, Owner, 9/2014

“It was fantastic. Princess, our foster dog, is a great dog and fit in exceptionally well with our kids and other pets. So far we have had two great placements. We love this organization and what it does. We will continue to foster when we can.” The Wolgin Family, Fosters, 9/2014

“The placement went very smoothly and the dogs were a pleasure. When a previous opportunity did not appear to be a good fit with my own, dog, there was no hesitation about dropping it- which left me free to host Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse who were wonderful.” Strickler Family, Fosters, 8/2014

“PACT volunteers + staff including Director Buzzy went above and beyond to make sure me + my animals were all fine. I can’t thank PACT enough for all there hard work + care of my animals.” Kimberly, Owner, 8/2014

“This gave us a great opportunity to combine our love of dogs with our love for those serving our country. We had a great experience with PACT and can’t wait to foster again. This is a great organization, and provides a service that is truly needed.” Manacchio Family, Fosters, 8/2014

“If it wasn’t for PACT I’m not sure what I would have done. It was a wonderful experience!” Petra, Owner, 8/2014

“Fostering Casanova was rewarding on a number of levels. I look forward to another foster situation. Thanks for your good work!” Steve, Foster, 5/2014

“Everything was perfect. I couldn’t ask for more. Casanova was extremely well taken care of. Thank you!” Jason, Owner, 5/2014

“This is a wonderful program which helped me a lot. None of my friends were able to watch my dog and my family is so far away and could not watch him either. This program allowed me to get my dog back when I returned. Thank you so very much.” Nicholas, Owner, 1/2014

“Not only did the PACT Program help to find a foster family for my dog, but they selected a volunteer whom became much more to Louie and me, and helped save my dog from cancer while in the care of the foster family who are veterinarians and operated on Louie and saved his life.” Robin, Owner, 10/2013

“Loved working with PACT and Buzz and was so happy to help the organization.” Johnson Family, Fosters, 10/2013

“I love PACT and the military foster program. I tell everyone I meet, even people without dogs, about how important what you are doing is. PACT takes great care to ensure the safety of the dogs and to promote communication between the owner and foster parents.” Smith Family, Foster, 10/2013

“ PACT for Animals is driven by true concern for the pets. This caring permeates all of the organization’s activities. It is a ministry, not a business. Service personnel: leave your pet behind in the care of PACT for Animals with complete confidence. Foster parents: PACT for Animals will remain your partner for the entire period. Whatever problem arises, you are not alone.” MSmith Family, Foster, 10/2013

“I am the biggest dog lover you likely will ever encounter, but as a college student, I could not make a 10 year commitment to care for a dog; even though I desperately wanted a dog of my own. I signed up for PACT for the dual purpose of finally having a dog to care for, but also to welcome in a dog that would otherwise struggle to be temporarily housed. I was so excited when I got the news over Christmas break that I was finally matched with a dog that needed my care for the following six months!

I have met quite a few dogs in my life, and I can truly say Rocky, my foster dog, is truly one-of-a-kind. Rocky trotted into our home and made our little family of two into a little family of three. It took Rocky a little bit to adjust, but soon enough we had our own routine. There is nothing like coming home to someone who is overjoyed to see you, without fail. Even as a die-hard dog lover, I was surprised at how quickly I fell in love with Rocky.

PACT is for dog loving volunteers of all ages. It can teach young kids responsibility and how to care for another being. It can give college kids the experience of owning a dog without the ten year commitment, and it can give adults another happy kid to come home. Do I recommend PACT? Absolutely, hands down, without a doubt.” Hollister Family, Rocky 9/2013

“I think that this program is awesome. What a great way to give back to those who serve our country! The staff of PACT are great to work with and care deeply about their cause. They are always there to help and support you. Keep up the good work!” Calvaresi Family, Foster, 8/2013

“Keep up the great work. Samson and I were very please with the placement and care that he received. You guys have been wonderful, thank you so much!” Christopher, Owner, 8/2013

“I would love to have another foster dog. We wish we had her longer, but the time we had was just the best! We will miss her and always have her in our hearts.” Marino Family, Fosters, 7/2013

“I am so happy to have her back! PACT gave me the time I needed to find my new place and get medical care. Thank you!” Elizabeth, Owner, 7/2013

“Boudica and Gidget-the cats from the vet that Jeanette drove 7 hours for are happy, loved and have wonderful forever home. And Shady and Lena have the run of the house-literally. Lena runs around the house with abandonment when Shady likes to lie on the piano for high ground.

You made a change in several lives. And when Courtney comes home safe and sound my heart will break-hard. I am so attached to these souls. But that is the point-to place them in a home where they will be nurtured and loved and not forgotten or ignored.” Toth Family, Fosters, 7/2013

“PACT could not have been more supported – I couldn’t ask for more. Trigger needed surgery so there was a lot of money changing hands for Vet appointments. The money was sent from Paris to Buzz and PACT would reimburse me immediately. It takes a village to foster a dog – this village is filled with great people!” Goldstein Family, Fosters, 6/2013

“You guys are so great and do such a wonderful work, we cannot think of anything you do not already do, PACT is truly a Godsend!” Schweitzer Family, Fosters, 6/2013

“What a fantastic experience, Cindy and her family were the most wonderful fosters. I was gone for almost a year. We picked up Mac today and he looks so beautiful and healthy. He played with the foster family non-stop, got plenty of exercise and seemed so happy when we picked him up today.

PACT was absolutely a pleasure to deal with. They found Mac a fantastic foster home. We received photos and emails on a regular bases telling us how healthy, happy and secure Mac was while being fostered.

I cannot thank PACT enough for taking such great care of Mac. PACT’s work was beyond amazing…PACT is unbelievable!” Grace and Andrew, Owners, 6/2012

“It was a great experience and we were happy to help Steve and Daisy the last 14 months.” Castner Family, Fosters, 5/2013

“The service they provided is amazing!” Steven, Owner, 5/2013

“I really enjoyed having Haley and Sabrina here. Earning a cat’s trust can be time consuming and difficult but the rewards more than make up for it. Sabrina came here a scared girl that wouldn’t let anyone touch her and hid under the bed 24/7. She left as a cat that will seek out attention and affection, never hides and loves to play. I hope she continues to thrive when she gets home. Haley was sweet from the beginning and really took to my husband right away. You could tell she was missing her dad. I’m sure they will both be happy to be reunited with Steve.” Parker Family, Foster, 5/2013

“They do a very great job with Sim, I recommend them to anyone. I am very pleased.” Mike, Owner, 4/2013

“Sim was a wonderful addition to our out of control “Animal Kingdom.” He was the perfect dog from the moment he arrived. He became my partner in many activities. From day one he was up early, happy and ready to feed and water the horses…His favorite thing was going anywhere in the “truck.” He wasn’t much of a ball player. He loved his knotted rope. When he was asked, “where’s your rope?” he would race around to find it. If he couldn’t find it he’d come back and cry…He’s a great dog and Mike is a good man. I told him that if he ever found that he couldn’t keep Sim that we would take him in a heartbeat, as we offered to get Sim on his drill weekends. Today is a bittersweet day for us. We will hold a place in our hearts for Sim.” Barron Family, Foster, 4/2012

“We had a wonderful time having Bella in our home for seven months. Bella was the most affectionate dog we ever met, and she quickly became part of our family and always treated us to a new adventure whether we were ready or not. We were amazed how quickly she became buddies with our own two dogs and was introduced to all their bad habits. Our grandkids loved playing with her and she wasn’t afraid to stick her nose into everything they were doing…At first Bella was scared to death of our pool, but by the end of last summer, we couldn’t keep her out of it. She would throw something in and then dive in after it…over, and over, and over again until she pass out…We were honored to be of help to our men and women in uniform who are giving so much of themselves to protect our country. The entire experience with PACT was very well organized, and it was a pleasure to work with everyone we had contact with!” Alderfer Family, Fosters, 3/2013

“We had so much fun with Cabela and we will miss her very much!” Wolgin Family, Fosters, 12/2012

“The Wolgin’s were wonderful providers for Cabela, I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful for all of their help during my deployment. Rachel and myself will definitely stay in contact for future services!” Bryce and Rachel, Owners, 12/2012

“Great program and amazing folks. Better than I could have hoped for!” Drew, Owner, 2/2012

“Riley really rejuvenated our lives. Upon the recent death of our beloved dog, we looked into many fostering opportunities before becoming involved with PACT. We are please to have helped a Marine in need, while at the same time providing love and attention for such a great dog. PACT was unbelievably helpful in accommodating any requests during the foster term, including providing pet sitting for Riley when we went away on a brief vacation. We cannot say enough positive things about our amazing fostering experience with PACT.” Smith Family, Fosters

“When my husband obtained his deployment orders, one of the first things I thought about was what we were going to do with our dog, Riley. I work two jobs and would not be able to give her the proper attention and care she deserved. After exhausting other options, I came across PACT. They were amazingly helpful and found a foster home for Riley within days of me contacting them! My husband and I highly recommend PACT’s Military Foster Program to any serviceman or woman in need of care for their companion animals!” Ashlee, Owner