Our Partners

Partnerships with Businesses, Foundations & Media

Since its origin, PACT has recognized the importance of establishing partnerships through widespread grassroots efforts. This includes the ability to enlist “boots on the ground” in areas where we receive the greatest requests for support, such as military bases and major hospitals. This also includes our work with businesses and foundation partners that not only offer critical funding for operations but also provide opportunities to raise awareness among their members and audiences. Lastly, many of the major news stations, business journals, magazines, and television channels that chose to support and broadcast the work of PACT have helped us begin to change the conversation about animal welfare and fostering on a more national platform. But despite many of our current partnerships listed below, we understand that it will take a greater level of national, community engagement with transformational partners throughout all 50 states, in order to deliver the level of impact needed for this ever-increasing demand for foster care

Examples of some of the most helpful partnerships we have already established include:

Corporate & Foundation Supporters

Organizational Partners

Media Outlets