All Pet Owners/Gaurdian MUST complete an APPLICATION 

Please read the following guidelines before you fill out the Foster Animal Application below!

  • Be temporarily unable to care for their pet due to military deployment/training or physical temporary medical issues or other emergency not caused by the Owner.
  • Have a specific end date when Owner will be able to resume care of Foster Animal- minimum of 2 weeks away, up to 3 year.
  • Exhibit and demonstrate ability and desire to resume complete care for your pet upon completion of Foster Term.
  • Exhibit ability and desire to cover monthly costs of Foster Animal’s food/medical bills while with Foster Family.
  • Have Foster Animal spay/neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations by beginning of Foster Term, and be able to provide vaccination and veterinary records that prove this.

PACT has two programs.  One program provides foster care for the pets of our military members when they are on deployment or have extensive training and the other program provides foster care for the pets of hospital patients requiring extended stay or recovery. 

The first step in the process for either program is to visit our website and fill out an application.  Our staff will then review the completed form, and we will be in touch.

When we contact you, we will be asking for the following information.  Having that information readily available to forward to us would help expedite the application process. ( We understand this may take time, so please fill out and submit the application, and be prepared we will be asking for the following information.) 

1. A copy of your orders stating the length of your military activity as it corresponds to this term or a copy of a doctor’s note stating you/family member are a current patient and giving an estimated length of treatment and recovery.  This information will be used to determine the foster contract.  We will also use this as our guideline for when you will be able to reclaim your pet. 

2. A copy of your pet’s medical records, showing he/she is current on vaccines, spayed/neutered, and listing any other information we may need to know about their medical status.  

3. Please be sure you have reached out to your POC (Point of Contact) and have told them their responsibilities in this role going forward.  I will be contacting that person and sending out a POC agreement for them to sign claiming responsibility for your pet in the case that you are unable to pick your pet up by your contracted date or that we are unable to keep your pet in a foster home for any reason.  Please remember to include their email address. 

4. Please provide me with pictures of your pet.  It can be pictures of them with family members, pictures of them separately, pictures of them with kids, with other dogs/cats, etc., with Halloween costumes, or any other cute poses you have would be great. We want our foster network to have that “AWWWWWW” moment when they see these pictures. They also help us showcase your pet.    ( We understand this may take time, so please fill out the application, and be prepared we will be asking for the following information.) 



****Please be advised that it takes several staff members at PACT numerous days and sometimes weeks to identify, screen, and coordinate the appropriate foster family for each pet in need of care. While PACT offers this support for free, this work is very time consuming.  We want to honor our full commitment to you, as well as organizational funding to afford online targeted search engines to locate a foster in a specific area of the country for you.  



  • PACT cannot accept any Foster Animals with a history of destruction or aggression towards humans or animals in the program.
  • PACT cannot guarantee placement for accepted applications within our program, despite our best efforts.  Due to PACT’s nature as a volunteer organization, placement depends solely on the availability, skills, and willingness of our approved foster homes to accept a foster pet.

If you fit these requirements and need a temporary foster home for your pet, please click the button below to fill out the application and PACT will contact you within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, check your SPAM folder or email sue@pactforanimals.org.