Peace of Mind For Pet Owners

Foster Homes for Pets of Military Personnel
& Patients with emergency medical needs

PACT gives peace of mind to Veterans, hospital patients and military personnel by placing their pets into temporary foster homes until their owners can be reunited with the devoted companions they love. PACT is the only organization of its kind. PACT has facilitated the placement of more than 3,000 companion pets and approved more than 1,400 foster homes in all 50 states.

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Success Stories

Blueberry W.

Bartlesville, OK

(Foster Found) Apollo & Bella

Nashville, TN

Tyson & Niska J.

Sanford,, NC

(Foster Found) Kitty & Snow & Ziggy R.

Fort Drum, NY

Daisy A.

Los Angeles, CA


Marysville, MI

(Foster Found) Jinx C.

Alexandria, VA

(Foster Found) Archie

Hillsboro, NH

(Foster Found) Ellie S.

Ft. Leavenworth, KS

(Foster Found) Jaida S.

New Port Richey, FL

(Foster Found) Motley, Vector & Orange Juice H.

Biloxi, MS or Artesia, NM

(Foster Found) Freja G.

Temple, TX

(Foster Found) Harley H.

Virginia Beach, VA

( Foster Found) Leo R.

Bridgeport, CT

( Foster Found) Kona & Titan Mc.

Cameron, NC

(Foster Found) Rhodie J.


(Foster Found) Koda S.

Jacksonville, NC

(Foster Found) Nala & Nia W.

Nottingham, MD

(Foster Found) Cece & Duke S.

Little Elm, TX

(Foster Found) Christopher W.

Fort Leonard Wood , MO

(Foster Found) Roxy P.

Raleigh, NC

(Foster Found) Lamb & Zeke Y.

Saint Peterburg, Fl

( Foster Found) Veronica & Svetlana H.

San Diego

(Foster Found) Bently

Anchorage, AK

(Foster Found) Elmo H.

North Charleston, SC

( Foster Found) Daisy A.

Los Angeles, CA

(Foster Found) Calcifer & George R.

Decatur, AL

(Foster Found) Jack C.

Poughkeepsie, NY

(Foster Found) Tallulah & Isabel S.

Alexandria, VA

(Foster Found) Ace C.

Columbia, SC

(Foster Found) Bella A.

San Diego, CA

(Foster Found) Lee Loo & Haru Mc

Colorado Springs, CO

(FOUND) Maggie A.

Argyle, TX

(Foster Found) Sweetie W.

Dover, DE

(Foster Found) Rohen R.

Converse, TX

(Foster Found)Teddy & Waffles S.

Temple, TX

(Foster Found) Tofu & Tiabeanie M.

Aliso Viejo, CA

(Foster Found) Cambria Mc.

Colorado Springs, CO

(Foster Found) Trixie & Kermit K.

Beaufort, SC

(Foster Found) Motley R.

Wilson, NC

(Foster Found) Kip C.

West Deptford, NJ

(Foster Found) Ozzie & Jennie M.

Jacksonville, FL

(Foster Found) Apollo P.

Pittsburg, PA

(Foster Found) Tex Mc.

Goldsboro, NC

(Foster Found) Buster & Corea C.

Pine Plain, NY

(Foster Found) Luna K

Norfolk, VA

(Foster Found) Zuko

Nampa, ID

(Foster Found) Banshee

Cincinnati, OH

(Foster Found) Atlas C.

Killeen, TX

(Foster Found) Maggie A.

El Paso, TX

(Foster Found) Grizzly M.

Fort Cavazos, TX

( Foster Found) Oscar L.

East Windsor, NJ

(FOSTER FOUND) Thena & Loki C.


(Foster Found) Lincoln & Michael S. 

East Amherst, NY

(Foster Found) Apollo P.

Pittsburg, PA

(FOSTER FOUND) Kitty & Snow R.

Fort Drum, NY

(Foster Found) Fetty W.

Norfolk, VA

(Foster Found) Alex B.

Virgina Beach, VA

(Foster Found) Griffin and Nikita

Milledgeville, GA

(Foster Found) Raven F.  

Ellicot City, MD

(Foster Found) Sunny M.

El Paso, TX

(Foster Found) Ellie & Marcie-Biscuit M.

Alexandria, VA

( Foster Found) Twinkle, Boo & Simon

Hendersonville, NC

(Foster Found) Max L.

Jacksonville, NC

(Foster Found) Lily A.

Raeford, NC

(Foster Found) Atlas M.

Fayetteville, NC

(Foster Found) Gilgamesh “Gilly” and Nismo “Nis” F.

Fayetteville, NC

( Foster Found) Nugget N.

Front Royal, VA

(Foster Found) Maxwell Z. (Max)

Yorktown, VA

(Foster Found) Archie & Newt

Hillsboro, NH

(Foster Found) Stella & Scribble

Phoenix, AZ

(Foster Found) Ace. J.

Jacksonville, FL

(Foster Found) Blue S.

Temple, TX

(Foster Found) Bella S.

Enumclaw, WA

(Foster Found) Obasi J.

Elizabethtown, KY

(Foster Found) Papi & Princess A.


(Foster Found) Magnolia & Hazel B.  

North Carolina

(Foster Found) He-A W.

Jacksonville, NC

( Foster Found) Levi A.

Grovetown, GA

(Foster Found) Luna & Sky S.

Clarksville, TN

(Foster Found) Chai & Pepper C

Colorado Springs, CO

(Foster Found) Mykonos C.

Greensboro, North Carolina

(Foster Found) Colby M.

Hammonton, New Jersey

( Foster Found) Ava & Simba H.

 Spring, TX

( Foster Found) Milo R.

Rock Hill, SC 

(Foster Found) Georgia L.  

Colorado Springs, CO

(Foster Found) Hemi C.  

Santee, CA

(Foster Found) Aspen & Moose

Sulfolk, VA

(Foster Found) Lincoln & Michael S. 

Mexico, NY

Lola & ( Foster Found)Makita R.

Santa Ana, CA

(Foster Found) Sage

San Diego, CA

(Foster Found) Achilles W.

Northfield, Minnesota

(Foster Found) Hiro & Suki

Fort Wayne, IN

(Foster Found) Leo & Davinci

Austin, TX

(Foster Found) Simba & Zazu K.

Dayton, OH

(Foster Found) Laney S.

Lewisburg, WV

(Foster Found) Simba T.

Watertown, MA

( Foster Found) Angel H.

Petersburg, VA

(Foster Found) Prada C.

Tampa, FL

(Foster Found) Koda D.

Virginia Beach, VA

(Foster Found) Onyx

Williamsburg, VA

(Foster Found) Jim & Sawyer C.

Haverhill, MA

(Foster Found) Stella W.

Bangor, ME

( Foster Found) Leo T.

Redington Shore, Fl

(Foster Found) Tonks & Neville

Kissimmee, FL

( Foster Found) Val Y.

Kings Mountain, NC

( Foster Found) Lola & Harvey

Stockbridge, GA

(Foster Found) Maui

Arroyo Grande, CA

(Foster Found) Forchen C.

Gainsville, FL

( Foster Found)Noodles, Jane & Lady

Beverly Hills, MI

(Foster Found) Crowley E.

Jacksonville, FL

(Foster Found) Nyla L.

San Diego, CA

( Foster Found) Duke P.

Columbia Falls, MT


Virginia Beach, VA

( Foster Found) Flexie & Luna

Burlington, NJ

( Foster Found) Daisy

Fort Knox, KY

( Foster Found) Bubbles

Two Rivers, WI

( Foster Found) Hurley and Kona

San Diego, CA

( Foster Found) Mazie

Pennsville, NJ

( Foster Found) Mia P.

Shirley, NY

( Foster Found) Frieda, a.k.a. Kitty

Ft. Steward, GA

(Foster Found) Wernher

Portland, ME

( Foster Found) Azula

Peoria, AZ

( Foster Found) Luna and Poseidon

Hinesville, GA

( Foster Found) Roscoe

Hartford, MI

( Foster Found) Dutchess, Lena & Taquito

Fort Eustis, VA

(Foster Found) O’Rheen & Semira C.

Fort Eustis, VA

( Foster Found) Ruby

Brooklyn, NY

( Foster Found) Hamilton

Williamsburg, VA

( Foster Found) Kili & Pippin

Colorado Springs, CO

( Foster Found) Larry & Kathy

Leeds, AL

(Foster Found) Lily

Glenshaw, PA

Lucy & Otto (Bandit Found Foster)

Pearl Harbor, HI

( Foster Found) Leo T.

Redington Shore, Fl

( Foster Found) Bear & Bruno

D’Iberville, Mississippi

( Foster Found) Knox

Hilliard, OH

(Foster Found) Pocket & Caper

Fayetteville, North Carolina 

( Foster Found) Nacho & Buddy

Tampa, FL

( Foster Found) Graf

Spokane, WA

( Foster Found) Chandler

San Diego, CA

( Foster Found) Neo & Nia

Alamogordo, NM

(Foster Found) Rocky Mc.

Atlanta, GA

( Foster Found) Rocky C.

Huntington, WV

(Foster Found) Bear & Nala

Oak Harbor, WA

( Foster Found) Lou

Herndon, VA

( Foster Found) Cookie & Boomer

Peoria, AZ

( Foster Found) Keanu

Brooklyn, NY

( Foster Found) Kaiser

Arlington, VA

PACT Success # 2800

( Foster Found) Bella & Bruno

Grovetown, Georgia.

( Foster Found) Charlie & Gio


( Foster Found) Sakari

Norfolk, VA

( Foster Found) Waffles & Miss Kitten

Jacksonville, FL

( Foster Found) Nakoma

Gonzales, LA

( Foster Found) Tony

Fenton, MO


Dove, NH

( Foster Found) Gio & Lola

Temple, TX

( Foster Found) Noodles, Jane & Lady

Lansing, MI

Shayla W.

Lebanon, PA

( Foster Found) Abby

Leesville, LA

( Foster Found) Bagel & Rebelette

Oxford, MS

( Foster Found) Blue

Fort Hood, TX

( Foster Found) Jelly & Sharon

Kansas City, MO

( Foster Found) Loki & Thor

Melbourne, FL

( Foster Found) Choco

Killeen, TX

( Foster Found) Genevieve & Eleanora

Austin, Texas


Jupiter, FL

( Foster Found) Bubbles

Two Rivers, WI

( Foster Found) Cat

Surprise, AZ