Opportunities to Help

Become a PACT Volunteer

PACT’s exponential growth means we need more people to help more families in need. Volunteers help us get this done. The work we do is extremely rewarding and truly touches many lives, especially those of our four legged friends – we need your help! For more information or to volunteer for any of these positions, please send an email to info@pactforanimals.org. Below you will find just a few examples of how PACT needs your help.

Become A Foster Home

Foster homes can be big or small, anywhere in the U.S., and you can be as specific as you’d like about the type of animal you are comfortable fostering- and how long you can commit. Please keep in mind that our shortest foster length is usually two months, and all homes are inspected by a Home Visit Volunteer before any animals are placed. Foster homes are reimbursed by the owner for the cost of food and medical costs of the foster pet, and should any problem arise, PACT personnel are on hand 24/7 to help.

Home Visit Volunteers (HVV)

As a HVV you help us grow our most valuable asset- foster homes. Every foster family we work with needs to be PACT Approved before any animals are placed in their care. We need people like you to help us with this process by visiting these home and making sure they are a good fit for PACT. HVVs must be employed in the veterinary field, vouched for by a current HVV, or have extensive companion animal experience.


The services of PACT must be shared to save lives! If you can post fliers in your area to spread awareness, and/or speak to business owners about partnering with PACT, your work today could save a life tomorrow! Ask us for a flyer packet, include your name, address, and phone number, and we will send you a set of fliers and handouts. We need our volunteers to post these in vet clinics, shelters, hospitals, VFWs, Ronald McDonald Houses, coffee shops, pet stores, anywhere animal lovers, hospital patients, or military personnel may see it. PACT needs PR volunteers to spread the word about about our mission and the need for volunteers and donations throughout the Country to bring awareness that the need exists for emergency foster care.

Video Editor

PACT has several videos in .mp4 and .mts format that need to be edited into an engaging 3-5 minute montage or story. If you have video editing experience and are interested in helping us with this, please let us know!

Transportation and Emergency Care

PACT prides itself on hands-on care for our foster families, so that fostering an animal is a pleasure not a burden. Occasionally we need an animal to be driven between the owner and foster home, or to the vet, and sometimes the foster has an emergency and needs someone to walk/feed the animal or stay overnight. If you have a personal vehicle and are able/willing to help out our foster families in their time of need, please let us know.To become a PACT volunteer, click the button below to apply.