(Foster Found) Tex Mc.

(Foster Found) Tex Mc.

Breed/Type: Labrador

Location: Goldsboro, NC

Needs foster care by: March 23, 2024
Needs foster care until: October 31, 2024

Meet the Tex , a great family dog that needs a place to hang out and play while his owner is deployed from March 22, 2024- Oct. 31, 2024.  The owner is able to transport within an 8 hour radius of Goldsboro, NC.

Tex is a super social-friendly lab, that absolutely loves people, children dogs and cats.  Tex is just a happy go lucky lab, that enjoys going for walks, hikes and even swimming. Tex enjoys being outdoors and playing fetch or with children or other pups. Tex is very social at the dog park and loves running around and playing.   Tex is house, and crate trained, but he doesn’t need to be crated and has no destructive tendencies.  Tex is semi-leash trained and may pull. a little when excited to meet people and pets.

At home Tex is a love bug that enjoys getting attention and to be by your side. He can also be chill and lay around the house. He is incredibly happy and friendly. He loves adults and kids alike, can’t get enough of playing with dogs, is gentle with kids. He loves his naps during the day between his active periods.

Tex is flexible, but he would love the company of another dog and/or kids to play with, so any addition of people to love/play with him is great as he always loves company and being brought to social events.

Fur Facts

Tex Mc.

Male, Labrador

3 years old, 55 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children of all ages, dogs and cats

House, crate, and semi-leash trained

No destructive tendencies

Happy social friendly pup.



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