(Foster Found)Teddy & Waffles S.

(Foster Found)Teddy & Waffles S.

Breed/Type: Collie lab mix and Golden

Location: Temple, TX

Needs foster care by: March 20, 2024
Needs foster care until: November 11, 2024

Meet Teddy & Waffles!! Two social, loving boys that need a foster while both owners are deployed from March 20, 2024- Nov. 11, 2024. The owner is willing to transport within 10 hours of Temple, TX. The owner would like to keep them together but understands if they need to be separated in order to secure a safe and loving foster for them.

Teddy and Waffles are two loving boys, who are social and get along well with people, children, and dogs. They are untested with cats. The boys have never lived with children but have always been kind and loving to children of friends, family, or around the neighborhood.

Teddy is a 6 year old collie lab mix,  that is house and semi leash trained. Teddy loves going for walks and has a gentle leader to help curb his pulling. Teddy is friendly and is always eager to meet to new people and dogs along the way. Teddy usually is good on a leash but if after-market loud cars go by he may bark and react to them. Teddy loves going to the dog park and playing chase.  Teddy likes being chased and will initiate play and try and get other dogs to chase him.  At home Teddy is pretty mellow and enjoys his squeaky toys and playing tug of war. The owner states he has the most expressive ears and you can always tell what he is thinking by his ears. Teddy is not crate-trained but has no destructive tendencies.

Waffles is a 1 year old golden who is just full of love and fun. His sole purpose in life is to be loved and to give love. Waffles still has a puppy demeanor and has the happy-go-lucky attitude.  Waffles just want to be on you, he is a big lap dog that doesn’t realize his size. Waffles loves going for walks and pulls because he is just so happy to be out and about enjoying life. Waffles also loves going to the dog park and playing with all the other pups. Waffles is crate trained and should be crated when left alone. Waffles loves to play with his toys and no toy is safe from him. On occasion, he still thinks shoes or towels are his toys.

Both dogs have happy friendly personalities and get along well with others.

Fur Facts

Teddy S.

Male, Collie Lab Mix

6 years old, 45 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, and dogs. Untested with cats.

House and semi-leash-trained

Not crate trained- no destructive behaviors

Scared of loud cars

Sweet social pup


Male, Golden

1-year-old, 70 pounds

High/medium energy

House, crate and semi-leash trained.

Good with people, children, and dogs. Untested with cats.

Happy-go-lucky pup, that loves everyone






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