Sunny M.

Sunny M.

Breed/Type: Australian Shepard

Location: El Paso, TX

Needs foster care by: April 16, 2024
Needs foster care until: November 1, 2024

Let’s keep Sunny shining brightly while his owner completes training with the Army from April 16, 2024 until Nov. 1, 2024. He is in El Paso, TX and can be transported up to 6 hours for the perfect home.

Sunny, the 6 year old Australian Shepard, is ready to brighten your day! When he’s not lounging, he would prefer to spend his time socializing with other dogs at doggy daycare or running around the dog park! Sunny loves a good scratch and will pat you with his paws when he wants some attention and love. A bit of a foodie and a fan of treats, Sunny often lets out a big burp to let you know he’s full and satisfied! Sunny is great with adults, other dogs of all sizes (his best friend is a French Bull Dog) and can understand basic commands like sit, stay, and shake!

The ideal home for Sunny would be with someone patient and loving. Sunny was rescued from a shelter and might be a bit fearful if approached from above, is protective of his food, and can be anxious around loud noises like fireworks or thunder. Sunny wouldn’t mind the company of another dog to run around and play with after a meet and greet but does not have experience around cats or children. He is comfortable living in an apartment and would enjoy short walks or trips to the dog park throughout the week! Sunny is crate trained but does not need to be crated when left alone.

Fur Facts

Sunny M.

Male, Australian Shepard

5 years old, 75 pounds

Medium Energy

Good with adults, older children, and dogs. Untested with cats

House, crate & leash trained.

Used to live in an apartment

Fearful if approached from above while lying down

Protective of food 

Social and excitable


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