( Foster Found) Ruby

( Foster Found) Ruby

Breed/Type: Pitbull

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Needs foster care by: June 6, 2023
Needs foster care until: August 16, 2023

OMG, what a cutie!!  This super sweet, social senior needs a place to crash for 2 months while her veteran owner receives much-needed medical care, and is recovering from surgery. Located in Brooklyn, NY, the owner is able to transport approx an hour or so to find a loving foster for his buddy.

Ruby is a 13-year-old pitbull who just needs a place to sleep while waiting for her owner to recover. Ruby enjoys sleeping, going for short walks, and getting love. Ruby gets along extremely well with other dogs and has a submissive personality. Ruby enjoys meeting new people and dogs and may pull when out on walks.  Ruby might follow you into the kitchen and quietly wait to see if you will share your food; otherwise, she is very low-key and low-maintenance.  While she is not a cuddler, she will sit quietly by your side, if she is not off sleeping somewhere.

Ruby is house, leash, and crate trained but does not need to be crated. Has no destructive or aggressive tendencies. Ruby is just a sweet old girl that needs a place to crash for 2 months.

Fur Facts


Female, Pitbull

13 years old, 59 pounds

Low/medium energy

Good with people, children, and dogs. Untested with cats.

Submissive personality

House, leash, and crate trained. She does not need to be crated.

No destructive or aggressive tendencies.