(Foster Found) Rohen R.

(Foster Found) Rohen R.

Breed/Type: Labradoodle

Location: Converse, TX

Needs foster care by: June 1, 2024
Needs foster care until: June 1, 2025

Meet Rohen, the sweet, lovable labradoodle who is a gentle soul who loves everyone!! Rohen needs a place to crash while his owner is deployed with the Air Force from June, 1, 2024- June 1, 2025. The owner is willing to transport to secure a safe and secure home for Rohen.

What’s not to love? Rohen is a friendly 5-year-old Labradoodle who gets along with people, children of all ages, and dogs and is interested and playful with cats. Rohen is gentle with toddlers and smaller dogs and enjoys playing with them and giving them love.

Rohen enjoys going for walks and does well on lead, and enjoys meeting new people and dogs along the way and is always friendly.¬† At the dog park, Rohen seems more interested in getting love from people than playing with other dogs, but does enjoy playing with other dogs, running around or playing tug of war with a rope. Rohen is house, leash and crate trained, but doesn’t need to be crated: no destructive tendencies.

At home, he is a mama’s boy. Rohen wants to be by your side and will follow you around. He loves to cuddle but will wait for you to permit him before he hops up on the sofa for cuddles. At night he may sleep with his owner or on his bed in the same room.


Is not hypoallergenic 

Fur Facts

Rohen R.

Male, Labradoodle

5 years old, 65 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, dogs and cats.

House, leash and crate trained.

No destructive tendencies

Friendly gentle pup.

*Note: this breed does still have some shedding and is not specifically hypoallergenic.




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