(Foster Found) Rhodie J.

(Foster Found) Rhodie J.

Breed/Type: Brittany Spaniel

Location: AFB, IL

Needs foster care by: May 30, 2024
Needs foster care until: May 30, 2026

Meet Rhodie, a sweet, loving family dog that needs a place to crash until he can reunited with his owners serving overseas. Rhodie needs a foster from May 30, 2024- May 30, 2026. The term may be shorter, once established overseas they will send for him. The owner can transport within 6 hours of AFB, IL (Belleville, IL)

Rhodie is a very loving family dog , that just loves his people and being around them. He enjoys going on car rides, playing, or just cuddling on the sofa. Rhodie just wants to be with his people.  Rhodie gets along well with other dogs and some cats if they stand up to him and don’t run.  Rhode loves to play and going to the dog park. At the dog park, he might play with other dogs but prefers playing ball with the owner or other family members.  On walks, Rhodie does well on the leash and ignores others, but does have a high prey drive for squirrels and rabbits and may pull a bit, but is easily corrected.

Rhodie absolutely adores children and is very tolerant of toddlers and loves to play with them. Rhodie can play fetch for hours if you let him, and enjoys playing with a soccer ball.

Rhodie is also a super cuddler and loves laying by your side, but if you get up, he will steal your seat.  Rhodie favorite toy is his emotional support carrot that he carries it with him everywhere.

Rhodie can be a bit of an escape artist, but he normally just sniffs around the outside of the house and comes right back in.





Fur Facts

Rhodie J.

Male, Brittany Spaniel

4 years old, 25 pounds

High energy

Good with people, children, dogs, and some cats.

House, leash and crate trained

High prey drive for squirrels and rabbits

Loving family dog




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