( Foster Found) Nacho & Buddy

( Foster Found) Nacho & Buddy

Breed/Type: French Bulldog and Lab Mix

Location: Tampa, FL

Needs foster care by: August 1, 2023
Needs foster care until: June 1, 2024

Meet Nacho & Buddy, two fun-loving dogs that need a place to crash while their owners are overseas serving in the Air Force.   The orders have changed by the dates should be around Aug 1, 2023- June 1, 2024.   Currently located in Tampa, FL, the owners can transport to FL, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, and TX in Tampa, Fl.  The owner would prefer to keep them together but understands if they need to be separated to find a safe and loving foster home.

Nacho and Buddy are older pups that are good with people, children, and dogs.  Nacho is friendly with cats, but Buddy is untested. Both dogs are very loving and enjoy long walks, going to dog parks and playing on the beach.

Both are crated trained but have not been crated for years, have no destructive tendencies, and do not need to be crated.  Both enjoy long walks but have different walking styles and traits. Nacho is a 35-pound French Bulldog that likes to go, and it is full steam ahead he enjoys meeting new people and dogs along the way. Buddy is a strong puller and needs to be on a gentle leader. While Buddy is find with dogs at dog parks and when off leash, he is fearful or leash aggressive towards other dogs only when he is on a leash.

Nacho has the funniest French Bulldog personality. He insists that all new people must love him, but he’s also happy to lay out on the patio all day. He will chase and chase and CHASE! a tennis ball, and loves to snuggle up on the couch with people.

Buddy is a good boy. He follows me all day and loves his people and our kids. His leash aggression is frustrating, but he will sit and obey with treats. He needs a firm hand with walks. Ultimately, I think he’d be happier with no leash and plenty of space.


Fur Facts


Male, French Bulldog

6 years old, 35 pounds

Low/Medium Energy

House and crate trained. Semi leash trained pulls on leash.

No destructive tendencies

Good with people,children, dogs and cats

Can be heat sensitive due to breed and short snout.




Male, Lab Mix

4 years old, 80 pounds

Medium Energy

House, and crate trained. Semi leash trained- must be on gentle leader - see notes in write up.

Good with people, and children.

Good with dogs when not on leash. Untested with cats.




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