Motley, Vector & Orange Juice H.

Motley, Vector & Orange Juice H.

Breed/Type: Corgi Mix, DSH & DMH

Location: Biloxi, MS or Artesia, NM

Needs foster care by: June 23, 2024
Needs foster care until: December 31, 2024

Meet Motley, Vector, and Orange Juice, who are seeking a loving foster home while their owner completes a military training course from June 23, 2024 – Dec. 31, 2024.  The owner can transport within a 6-hour radius of Biloxi, MS, or Artesia, NM. The owner would like to keep them together but understands if they need to be separated, but the Vector and Orange Juice (cats) are extremely bonded and would need to be fostered together.

Motley is a loving and sweet corgi mix who is really just a wonderful dog who is always friendly and happy. Motley is house, leash, and crate trained, but doesn’t need to be crated.  Motley is used to the apartment life and is quiet and only barks if there are loud noises outside.  Motley loves going for walks and does well on leash only pulling a little when he is excited to meet new K-9 friends the encounter.  Motley might be shy at first when meeting new people, but he is always friendly. Motley does well with all age children and enjoys playing with them.  Motley also loves his cat siblings, who can often be curled up together.  Along with going on walks, Motley enjoys going to the dog park and playing chase with the other dogs. He loves to be chased.

At home, Motley is a curious little guy who always wants to know what is going on and will follow you everywhere.  Motley always wants to be with you and loves to cuddle up and snuggle with you when you are watching TV or sleeping.

Vector is an affectionate cat who is very personable and enjoys being by your side. Vector loves to lay in the sun and curl up with his sibling. Vector enjoys playing with toys, and playing catch. When he wants to play he will bring you his toys for you to throw so he can chase after them. Vector also loves playing with the laser toy or any type of moving toy or string.

Orange Juice was rescued off the streets as an 8-week-old kitten, and Vector claimed her as his kitten. Vector would care and clean Orange Juice and carry her to the food bowl when it was time to eat. Orange Juice is shy but extremely loving. Orange Juice is playful and enjoys playing and loves watching the birds out the window.

Vector and Orange Juice can always be found together, and they enjoy playing chase and playing around with each other. If they aren’t playing, they are curled up together, sleeping. Often times all 3 can be found curled up on the bed or sofa together.


Fur Facts

Motley H.

Male, Corgi mix

2 years old, 25 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, dogs and cats

House, leash and crate trained


No destructive tendencies, except soft toys and occasionally shoe

No aggressive tendencies

Super loving, social, happy pup



Male, DSH

2 years old, 13 pounds

Low energy

Good with people, children, cats, cat-friendly dogs

Litter box trained

Indoor Only

Bonded with Orange Juice

Sweet friendly Kitty

Orange Juice

Female, DMH

1 year old, 6 pounds

Low energy

Good with people, children, cats, calmer cat-friendly dogs

Litter box trained

Indoor only

Bonded to Vector

Shy loving sweet kitty




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