Max F.

Max F.

Breed/Type: Lab mix

Location: Washington DC

Needs foster care by: July 31, 2024
Needs foster care until: August 31, 2026

Meet Max!! Max is a low-energy pup that needs a place to stay while his family deploys overseas July 31, 2024- Aug. 31, 2026. The owner is willing to transport within a 4-hour radius of Washington DC, so they can have a meet and greet, however, if the foster has no other pets he can transport Max anywhere in the US.

Max is a quiet 7-year-old lab mix that gets along well with people, children of all ages, and most dogs. Untested with cats. Max enjoys going for long walks, and to the dog park; He’s normally happy and excited to meet new dogs when on a leash. At the dog park, he ignores the other dogs and just walks around sniffing. Max does tend to pull when walking on a leash because he’s excited to get to the next new thing to sniff.

At home Max loves to play fetch, run around, and play with people. His favorite toy is the tennis ball, and he is really good at fetch but he doesn’t release, so you need two tennis balls. He’ll release one to chase the second.

While Max can be independent,he does like to be in the same room as you, and will follow you around. Max prefers not to dine alone, and likes you to be in the room with him, otherwise he won’t eat. He likes belly scratches after drinking water, it helps him burp.

Max is very loving and enjoys playing with children. Max is also very patient and will walk away when he is tired and go rest. Max is very quiet, but when he wants attention or love, he will paw at you for scratches. Max is house, leash, and crate trained and while he has no destructive tendencies if left alone too long he might have an accident, so he should be crated when left alone. Max also has seizures about once every six months, they aren’t really an issue and does not need medical care or medicine for them.

Max is very friendly with most dogs and is happy to greet them and go to the dog park, while there have been no incidents. An in-home pet sitter stated that Max had an issue with her small dog, Max did not hurt the dog, but gave warnings to back off. This is the reason why the owner would prefer te foster home not to have any other pets, but if they are in a 4 hour radius, he would arrange a meet and greet to see how Max would do with the fosters dog out of an abundance of caution.

Fur Facts

Max F.

Male, Lab mix

7 years old, 50 pounds

Low energy

Good with people, children, most dogs. Untested with cats.

House, crate, and leash trained- does pull.

Loving, sweet low-maintenance pup.



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