URGENT Maggie A.

URGENT Maggie A.

Breed/Type: Terrie mix and Lab mix

Location: Argyle, TX

Needs foster care by: February 20, 2024
Needs foster care until: March 25, 2025

Maggie is not getting along with her current foster dogs, and is having transitional issues and should be placed in a home by herself.  Need a Looks at these sweet pups!! Meet Shilo and Maggie!! Shilo and Maggie are looking for a fun but chill household to hang out in while their owner is deployed with the Army from Now – March 25, 2025. The owner can transport within 3 hours Argyle, TX.

Maggie Still Needs A Foster!!!!!

This pair is pretty chill, but they do enjoy having some fun. Shilo is a smart little terrier mix, around 11 pounds, who enjoys walks, dog parks, cuddling and looking out the window, Shilo is house, and crate trained, but doesn’t need to be crated. No destructive tendencies. Shilo still pulls when being walked, but he is only 11 pounds so it is easy to control him. Shilo is good with people, children of all ages, dogs, and cats. Shilo is a velcro love bug that enjoys being next to you and cuddling but does not like being picked up or held tightly. He can be barky when meeting new people and pets but stops when they are face to face.

Maggie is a chill love bug who enjoys walks, cuddling, and playing with other dogs. Maggie is house, leash, and crate trained. Maggie is a joy to walk and enjoys meeting new people along the way. Maggie is a great dog, that gets along with people, children, and dogs. Untested with cats. Maggie is good with children but has a minimal tolerance for hyper children who hang or pull at her. Maggie will give a little growl and then walk away, but children must respect her space. Maggie loves to cuddle and get attention and enjoys playing with soft toys and to play. Maggie loves playing with her brother Shilo or other dogs.

Fur Facts

Shilo A.

Male, Terrier mix

3 years old, 11 pounds

Medium energy

House and crate trained. Semi-leash trained.

Good with people, children,  dogs, and cats.

No destructive tendencies.

Smart chill little guy, who loves looking out the window and going for walks.




Maggie A.

Female, Lab mix

3 years old, 55 pounds

Medium energy

House, leash, and crate trained.

Good with people, children, and other dogs. Untested with cats.

Cuddle bug who loves to play with his brother.




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