(Foster Found) Lily

(Foster Found) Lily

Breed/Type: American Bulldog

Location: Glenshaw, PA

Needs foster care by: July 1, 2023
Needs foster care until: March 1, 2024

Lily currently is not getting along with the foster’s dog. July 1, 2023- March 31, 2024. Currently located in Glenshaw, PA, current foster willing to drive 8 hours.

The current foster states, ” Lily is a total love and a sweet dog.” 

Meet Lily, a low-energy American Bulldog that enjoys short walks and sleeping. Lily’s owner will be attending training and then deploying and needs someone to watch his buddy while he is away.

Lily is a 7-year-old sweetheart that loves people, children, and other dogs*. Lily can go for a short half-mile to a-mile walk but then gets tired. Lily has gone to the dog park, and might play and socialize for 5 mins, then would prefer to walk around and smell things.

*Lily does get along with other dogs but while in her home, she can be protective of her home and food.

Lily seems to have a unique attraction to children, enjoys their company, and will lie down for belly scratches and pets.

At home, Lily wants to be in the same room as the owner and will follow him around from room to room and find a place to lie down and sleep. When unattended or at night, Lily has her own room where she hangs out with the crate door open. Lily is non-destructive but will chew on plastic or will get into the trash if it is left out.

The preferred foster should not have any other pets in the home.

Fur Facts


Female, American Bulldog

7 years old, 100 pounds

Low energy

Good with people, children.

Can be good with other dogs as long as not in the home.

House,crate and leash trained

No destructive tendencies, except plastic and trash if left out.


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