( Foster Found) Leo T.

( Foster Found) Leo T.

Breed/Type: Dalmatian

Location: Redington Shore, Fl

Needs foster care by: June 1, 2023
Needs foster care until: April 24, 2024

Leo is a sweet, lovable dog that loves everyone. Leo is nonaggressive and enjoys walks and quality time with people, children, and other dogs.  Leo’s owner is currently deployed, and his current foster will be traveling and unable to continue to foster. Located in St. Petersburg, Fl, the current foster can transport within reason but would appreciate assistance with transportation. Fl, GA, TN, SC, and NC.

Leo is very quiet but can be whiny when you first leave; then he settles down. Leo doesn’t have any destructive tendencies, except an occasional shoe or sock and since he is still a youngster, he should be crated when left alone.

Leo is very friendly and gets along well, with people, children of all ages, and dogs. Untested with cats.







Fur Facts


Male, Dalmatian

1 year-old, 63 pounds

Medium Energy

House and crate trained. Partially leash trained.

Good with people, children, and dogs. Untested with cats.

Allergic to chicken, special diet.

No destructive tendencies, except occasional sock and shoe.



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