(Foster Found) Lamb & Zeke Y.

(Foster Found) Lamb & Zeke Y.

Breed/Type: Lab Mix Grey hound

Location: Saint Peterburg, Fl

Needs foster care by: April 7, 2024
Needs foster care until: October 1, 2024

Meet Lamb and Zeke, two older pups that need a place to crash while the owner is deployed from April 7, 2024- Oct. 1, 2024,  located in Saint Petersburg, Fl. They can be transported with the South Eastern and East Coast areas. The owner would like to keep them together but is willing to separate them to secure a safe and secure foster.

Zeke is a 6-year-old lab mix with medium energy and loves playing with other dogs, as well as cuddling with his feline sister.  Very low maintenance and wants to play.  This social guy gets along well with people and calm older teen children, dogs, and cats.  Zeke does well on a leash and is friendly to meeting adults and other dogs while out on walks.  Zeke loves going for long walks and to the dog park, where he loves to run around and play with all-size dogs. At home, Zeke is a Velcro dog who will follow you everywhere and enjoys cuddling up and getting attention. Zeke loves toys and playing fetch and carries a special toy around like a security blanket, which is always with him. Zeke is a talker who will make funny growly noises while wagging his tail and being happy. Zeke also makes a good doorbell and will always tell you when someone is at the door.

Lamb is a senior rescued greyhound that likes to eat, sleep and go for an occasional walk. Lamb does well with people, children, cats, and dogs.  Every once in a while, she still likes to play, but it is in short bursts and then she is done. This quiet girl is independent while she likes attention and cuddling, she is content to go off for a nap in another room. Lamb is also a bit of a princess who can be dramatic when she bumps into something, she will act like it really hurt and yip and limp around, but two minutes later, she is fine.  Lamb does well on a leash but does have a high prey drive for squirrels and birds.  Vitamin supplements given daily.


Fur Facts

Zeke Y.

Male, Lab mix

6 years old, 70 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, older teen children only, dogs, and cats.

House and leash trained.

No destructive tendencies

Loves to cuddle and play with other dogs

Lamb Y

Female, Greyhound

10 years old, 60 pounds

Low energy

Good with people, children, dogs, and cats

House and leash-trained

No destructive tendencies

Eats, sleep and cuddle.



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