( Foster Found) Kona & Titan Mc.

( Foster Found) Kona & Titan Mc.

Breed/Type: Lab/Beagle mix and Boarder collie mix

Location: Cameron, NC

Needs foster care by: May 19, 2024
Needs foster care until: March 31, 2026

Meet Kona & Titan two lovely family-friendly senior pups that need a loving foster home while the owner serves overseas from May 19, 2024- March 31, 2026. The owner is willing to transport through the continental US in order to secure the best home willing to foster both dogs.

Both these dogs are wonderful, loving, family-friendly pups that get along well with people, children of all ages, dogs, and cats. They are extremely bonded and need to stay together. They are unable to join the owners overseas due to shipping concerns.  They currently live with toddlers, young children, and cats. They absolutely love all children and will follow them around and play with them.

Kona & Titan love going for walks, going to dog parks, and playing in the yard. Both tend to pull a bit on lead, and while friendly with other dogs, on leash, Kona may bark and become protective of Titan. Off lead at the dog park, both dogs love playing with other dogs; while Titan is a little more subdued, Kona loves to run around and chase other pups.

Kona is a goofy, lovable, snuggle pup who thinks she is a lap dog;she loves being with you but prefers being with the children.  When she knows all is well, if she is not snuggling with you, he will quietly lie on her dog bed and nap. Kona is fearful of fireworks and thunderstorms and will whine and wants to be with you.

Titan is an old man who will still play fetch until he is worn out and then he enjoys laying in the sun napping. Titan is a curious pup and likes to know what is going on, and if you leave food unattended, he will find it.  Titan also loves children, but  when tired he will go off and sleep somewhere. Titan does enjoy being pet and attention but prefers to snooze either by himself or with Kona.

Both dogs are housebroken and crate-trained. They do have crates, but the owner has a small room in which she keeps them together when they are out and in the evening. If not locked up in the night, they will sleep with you, but due to their size, it makes it difficult to sleep.




Fur Facts

Kona Mc.

Female, Lab/Beagle mix

8 years old, 60 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, dogs and cats

House, crate and semi leash trained- pulls medium

Afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms

Spry senior pup that loves playing with children

Titan Mc.

Male, Border collie mix

9 years old, 55 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, dogs and cats

House, crate and semi-leash trained- pulls medium

Wonderful senior family pup.



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