Kobe & Rocky A.

Kobe & Rocky A.

Breed/Type: Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab Mix

Location: Killeen, TX

Needs foster care by: March 27, 2024
Needs foster care until: November 17, 2024

Meet Kobe & Rocky!! Kobe and Rocky’s owner is deploying overseas and needs someone to watch his pups until he returns March 27, 2024- Nov. 11, 2024.  The owner is can transport within a 2 hour radius of Killeen, TX.  The owner wants to keep the dogs together but understands if they need to be separated to secure a safe and loving foster home until they return.

Kobe is a high-energy fun boy that enjoys playing tug-of-war, and fetch.  Kobe will run out back, grab a toy, start flipping it around and prancing in play to get you or others to join in. Kobe enjoys going for walks but pulls hard. When being walked by alone, Kobe can be timid, but when his human children are around, he becomes protective.

Kobe is friendly and is good with people and children of all ages. Kobe is good with some dogs, and tends to do well with smaller breed dogs.   Kobe is always happy to meet new people and may jump up to greet them as they come in the door. Kobe is always ready for love and belly scratches.  

Rocky’s owner describes Rocky as a lazy boy. This lab mix loves to sleep. Even though he enjoys playing with his K-9 brother, he tends to sleep a lot around the house. Rocky enjoys going for walks and may pull when he is walking with Kobe, but when walking by himself, he is calmer and loves to sniff around. Rocky loves people, children of all ages, and most dogs. Rocky likes to be by your side and enjoys cuddling up for love.

Both dogs are good with people, they live with toddlers and are playful with children of all ages.  Both dogs tend to get along better with dogs that are smaller than them, but can get along with others, depending on the other dog’s temperament. They have never been an issue, and have had minimal experience with other dogs.


Fur Facts

Kobe A.

Male, Rhodesian Ridgeback

3 years old, 66 pounds

Hyper, high energy

Good with people, children, and some dogs. Untested with cats.

House, crate and semi-leash trained - pulls hard.

Quiet, loves to play.

Rocky A.

Male, Lab mix

3 years old, 6o pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, and some dogs. Untested with cats.

House, crate, and semi-leash trained

Lazy boy that loves to sleep and cuddle.


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