( Foster Found) Knox

( Foster Found) Knox

Breed/Type: Black Mouth Cur

Location: Hilliard, OH

Needs foster care by: April 12, 2023
Needs foster care until: August 30, 2023

Knox is a people-loving pup in need of a temporary home! Unfortunately, his current living arrangements can no longer accommodate him, and both owners are already serving overseas with the National Guard until August 2023.

Knox needs a home and friend who will love him, play with him, and treat him like family! He loves a good belly rub and spending the day cuddling and curling up on the couch while watching TV. He loves a good playtime outside but also enjoys short and long walks with stops to smell everything around him. He understands sit, stay, lay down, and come.

Knox can be reactive fearful of other dogs when walking and so it may be best for him to be the only dog in the household and for the foster to remain cautious when on walks around other dogs. He is comfortable with dogs that he has time to acclimate to but untested around cats. Knox has some separation anxiety if left alone longer than 5 hours and may cry but has medications to assist him. He is currently completing a board and training program. 

Knox is comfortable living with adults and children and is house and leash trained. The current pet sitter is willing to travel about 2 hours to find a new temporary home for Knox. He has experience living in a home with an unfenced yard as long as he is always supervised when outside.

Fur Facts


Male, Black Mouth Cur6 years-old, 45 poundsMedium Energy Good with adults, children, some dogs (with acclimation), untested with cats House-trained, leash trainedSeparation anxiety treated with Trazadone.



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