(Foster Found) Hiro & Suki

(Foster Found) Hiro & Suki

Breed/Type: Shiba Inu Shar Pei Mix

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Needs foster care by: October 31, 2023
Needs foster care until: March 31, 2024

Hiro & Suki are bonded siblings who need a place to stay while their owner is training with the Navy from October 31, 2023 until March 31, 2024. They are currently in Fort Wayne, IN, and can travel within 8 hours.

Hiro is a smart and savvy pup with the smile and face of a teddy bear! He absolutely loves every person he meets and enjoys the simple things like neck scratches, spending time with his sister, and watching the world go by from any window or glass door in the house. He understands sit, lay down, climb, leave it and is working on mastering come, stay, and shake/paw.

Suki is a sweet soul who loves attention! She will lounge with you while you talk about your day, life, and everything in between. She is a lap dog at heart and enjoys face kisses and neck scratches! She is happy spending time with people and most of all, her brother Hiro. She understands sit, lay down, climb, come, and is working on mastering stay and shake.The owner would prefer for Hiro & Suki to stay together. Hiro can be reactive and defensive around other dogs (except Suki) and are untested with cats so these two sweet pups would be perfect in a home as the only pets. They would prefer the freedom of a fenced-in yard but are accustomed to apartment life with someone that can take them for at least one walk a day.

Foster should have no other pets in the home.

Fur Facts


Male, Shiba Inu
3 years old, 35 pounds
Low Energy
Good with adults, untested with children
Reactive & Defensive around other dogs
Untested with cats


Female, Shar Pei Mix
2 years old, 65 pounds
Low Energy
Good with adults & children
Playful with other dogs, Untested with Cats.


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