(Foster Found) Freja G.

(Foster Found) Freja G.

Breed/Type: Husky,lab,shepherd mix

Location: Temple, TX

Needs foster care by: May 5, 2024
Needs foster care until: January 31, 2025

Meet Freja, a sweet, loving social pet that needs a place to crash while her owner is deployed from May 10, 2024- Jan. 31, 2025.  The owner can transport within a 4-hour radius of Temple, Texas, but might need help with transportation is deployed early.

Freja is a sweet and loving social pet that loves people, children of all ages, dogs, and cats. Freja was raised with cats and considers them small dogs and wants them to play with her.  Freja just loves everybody and is always excited to meet new people and pets.  Freja is house, crates, and semi-leash trained.  While Freja does well on a leash, but she pulls heavily because she is so excited to go out and explore the world.  Freja totally loves children and is always super happy to see them and say hello.

Freja enjoys going for walks, going to the dog park, and splashing in shallow creeks and streams. Freja loves playing fetch and can play until your arm tires out. Freja enjoys playing with other dog friends and running around. At home, Freja is just a total cuddle bug and just wants to be by your side all the time. She is also very curious and likes to know what is going on. Freja loves to cuddle up and sleep with the owner. Freja is usually quiet , and only talks to you if excited, Freja talks with her paws and will paw at you to let you know if she wants out, food or love.

Freja is a wonderful, loving, well-behaved, sweet girl.




Fur Facts

Freja G.

Female, Husky,lab, shepherd mix

2 years old, 40 pounds

High energy

House, crate, and semi-leash trained. Pull heavy

Good with people, children, dogs and cats

No destructive tendencies

No aggression tendencies

Sweet, social girl that loves to play.



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