(Foster Found) Ellie S.

(Foster Found) Ellie S.

Breed/Type: German Shepherd

Location: Ft. Leavenworth, KS

Needs foster care by: June 3, 2024
Needs foster care until: August 1, 2024

Meet Ellie, a sweet senior girl who needs a place to crash while she waits for her owners return. Ellie’s current foster is moving before the before the owner can return and we need a foster to help in the interim, for 4 short weeks, from June 3, 2024 to Aug. 1, 2024. The current foster can transport within a 2-hour radius of Fort Leavenworth, KS.

Ellie, is a 10-year-old German shepherd that is low energy with a short burst of energy to play fetch or to go for short walks.  Ellie still enjoys car rides but may need assistance getting in and out of vehicles if they are too high. Ellie does take arthritis meds,  and on good days she can still do steps.  The current foster states Ellie likes her routines and she will grumble at you if you are late feeding her dinner, or to go out.  Ellie, likes to lay around and sleep.

While she has slowed down a lot recently, Ellie use to be an alpha female and did not get along well with other dogs. The foster states, that she can get along with other dogs if they are calm and submissive.  However, a slow meet and greet would be necessary to make sure she would feel threatened.

Ellie is house, leash, and crate trained, but doesn’t get crated. She has no destructive tendencies, except her soft toys.  Ellie is somewhat fearful of loud noises and storms.  and they make her anxious.  Ellie does well with children and can be protective of them.

Fur Facts


Female, German Shepherds

10 years old, 74 pounds

Low energy

Good with people, children, calm submissive dogs.

Caution with cats

House, leash and crate trained.

Sweet old girl needs a place to crash.


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