(Foster Found) Cece & Duke S.

(Foster Found) Cece & Duke S.

Breed/Type: Boarder Collie Aussie MIx

Location: Little Elm, TX

Needs foster care by: April 10, 2024
Needs foster care until: December 19, 2025

If not placed by May 25th they will be surrendered to a shelter. 

Meet Cece & Duke, two Boarder Collie/Aussie mixes looking for a foster from NOW- Dec. 19, 2025, while the owner is serving our country and cannot have his pets with him. The owner will pay for transportation to find a safe and secure placement until he returns. Currently in Little Elm, TX.

The owner is already deployed and serving our country and he is looking for a foster that has the time and understands the needs of Boarder Collies/Aussie mixes. Currently, they are being kept outside, brought in, and crated in the evenings.

Cece and Duke are bonded 5-year-old, Collie/Aussie mixes, with medium energy and are sweet and loving pets. They both are good with people and children. They were both house, and crate trained and partially leash-trained. While they enjoy going for long walks, they do pull and can be fearful reactive to other dogs. They can get along with other dogs after a slow introduction but tend to be better calmer submissive dogs.

Cece- This girl has a personality! she loves to train/perform learned tasks well (especially when treats are involved!), naturally herds (never trained), and gives hilarious side-eye! will “talk” with whines and grumbles. she loves big and is spunky!   Cece is very bonded to her brother and gets anxious when separated.

Duke – Duke is the laziest, cuddliest BC I’ve ever met. he will demand pets by pawing at you, and if you stop, he will paw at you for more. he loves to jump up on the couch and lean on you for cuddles and pets. super gentle. loves to herd squirrels!

The preferred foster would have experience and knowledge of the breed and the time to keep the physical and mentally active.

Fur Facts

Cece S.

Female, Boarder Collie/Aussie Mix

5 years old, 65 pounds

High energy

Good with people, children, and some dogs.

High prey and herding

House, crate and semi- leash trained

Can be fearful reactive

Sweet loving girl loves to work and herd.

Duke S.

Male, Boarder Collie/Aussie Mix

5 years old, 60 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, some dogs

House, crate and semi-leash trained

Fearful reactive

Lazy boy, with spurts of energy



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