(Foster Found) Cambria Mc.

(Foster Found) Cambria Mc.

Breed/Type: Lab/husky/pitt mix

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Needs foster care by: March 5, 2024
Needs foster care until: December 1, 2024

Meet Cambria, the sweetest, and most lovable cuddle bug!! Cambria needs a foster while her owner serves in the Army overseas from March 5, 2024- Dec. 1, 2024. The owner can transport within an 8-hour radius of Colorado Springs, CO.

The pictures tell you everything you need to know about this sweet girl.  Cambria loves everyone, is excellent with people, children of all ages, dogs, and cats!!!

Cambria is a 5-year-old, lab/husky/pit mix, that is house-broken and semi-leash-trained. Cambria enjoys going for her daily walks or to the dog park. She’s so happy to be walking and meeting new friends that she pulls a bit at first, but then calms and behaves on the leash. Cambria is a happy pup that loves everyone. At the dog park Cambria likes to do a lap with her owner, before she goes off play. She loves playing with other pups, but will frequently check to make sure her human is still there, before going back to play. You’ll see her husky when she talks to you and other pets to encourage play time.

Cambria loves being by your side and giving/getting attention. She’s a tug-of-war pro but is also happy in her bed with a chew toy. She’s a great cuddler and sleeps with her owner.

Cambria is not crate trained and has no destructive tendencies, except when left alone for long periods (she may chew small things like remotes, shoes, or children’s toys that are left out). This sweet girl can sometimes forget her own size while playing with kiddos, but she loves being around them.

Fur Facts

Cambria Mc.

Female, Lab/Husky/Pitt mix

5 years old, 60 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, cats and dogs

House and semi-leash trained.



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