Ace L.

Ace L.

Breed/Type: Pointer/ Pitt mix

Location: Pensacola, Fl

Needs foster care by: May 22, 2024
Needs foster care until: August 3, 2024

Meet Ace, a big goofy baby that needs a foster while both owners are attending military training May 22, 2024 – Aug. 3, 2024.  They can transport within a 5-hour radius of Pensacola, Fl. or in between Pensacola and Virgina. 

Ace is a big goofy boy who is a total love bug, who doesn’t know his size, and thinks he is a lap dog and will get stuck under chairs.  Ace is good with people, children,  dogs, and cats. While Ace is good with dogs, and is friendly and wants to play, he doesn’t understand social cues from other dogs. While Ace wants to play, he doesn’t understand that other dogs may not want to play and will keep trying to get them to play, which has caused issues in the past. He does not have any aggressive tendencies but does play rough with other dogs.  He enjoys going to the dog park, but the owners must watch him if he misses other dogs’ cues. They put him with the same size dogs at doggy daycare, and they say he does well.   Ace lives with cats, gets along well, and just wants to play and lick them.  Ace has been around the owner’s toddler niece, and he does great with her and other children, but since he doesn’t understand his size and is sometimes like a bull in a china shop, he can sometimes knock them over or head them by accident. He loves to cuddle with their niece but will try to sit on her lap, so you need to watch since he is so big. 

On leash, Ace is so excited he will pull to get going but then calms down. He is always eager to meet new people and dogs, and loves meeting children. When he sees children, he whines because he wants to say hello, and will sit down with a command so they can pet him. Ace is house and crate-trained, but hasn’t been crated in a while. No destructive tendencies except for outside hoses and an occasional shoe.  This big boy also likes to counter-surf if meat is left unattended.

Ace loves attention and loves to cuddle and sleep on you. He loves being held like a baby, even though he is 80 pounds.  He wants to be by your side and be loved and play.

If around a pool, you must have him in a life jacket. He does not swim but will jump in to be with you and sink.

Even though he does well with other dogs, if they can’t do a meet and greet, they would prefer a foster without other dogs.


Fur Facts

Ace L.

Male, Pointer/Pitt mix

4 years old, 80 pounds

Medium energy

Good with people, children, dogs and cats. ( see note about dogs)


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