ZEUS- Needs a FOSTER HOST- Oct. 25, 2022-June 10, 2023- Carlsbad, CA

Say hello to Zeus! This 5-year-old German Shepherd’s owner is in the Marines and is willing to travel anywhere to ensure a safe, secure foster home for his trusted companion while he is overseas. The owner will be deploying on Oct 25, 2022- June 10, 2023. Zeus is currently located in Carlsbad, CA.

Do you have the perfect place for Zeus to stay?


Fur Facts
Male, German Shepherd
5 years old, 80 pounds
Medium energy
Loves people and children
Crate and leash-trained
Gets along with most submissive, non-aggressive dogs; Untested with cats
No destructive tendencies

Fun Facts

5-year-old German Shepherd Zeus thinks he is a small lap dog (we won’t tell him if you won’t!) and loves to be by your side all the time. His owner describes him as being like a hall monitor; he needs to always know what’s going on and where you are. Zeus loves to cuddle and at night he sleeps on the floor in his owner’s room.

Zeus loves going for long walks, runs, and hikes, playing fetch with tennis and lacrosse balls, and has his stuffed toys he likes keeping as comfort items that he normally won’t destroy. At home, Zeus will settle down and chew on calf hooves and raw bones.

While Zeus is crate-trained, he hasn’t needed to be crated in years. Zeus is wonderful on a leash and will passively meet new people. However, he will bark if there are other dogs, and care should be taken when introducing new dogs to Zeus – he does best with submissive or female dogs.

The perfect foster home could have one other dog, but they would have to live close enough to Carlsbad, CA so a meet-and-greet could take place prior to fostering. If a meet-and-greet is not possible, it would be preferred that the foster home not have any other pets.

If interested in fostering, fill out a Foster Home Application here: pactforanimals.org/application

If you are already an approved PACT foster, please email sue@pactforanimals.org.

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