Yoshi and Juno know you’ll love them! They are happy, sweet dogs, that love everyone and every animal they meet — dogs, cats, and even kids are only in danger of cuddles! They are the furry family of Matthew, who had to go into the hospital for treatment of his seizures. These dogs are Matthew’s entire world, and if he did not have a safe home for them, he would not have gone to the hospital. Luckily, Matthew contacted PACT, who put one of our amazing California homes on the job. The Jensens picked Yoshi and Juno up on Saturday and Matthew went into the hospital the very next day. Two and a half months later, Matthew had completed his treatment and was joyfully reunited with his beloved pups. Thank you to the Jensens and everyone involved in making sure Juno and Yoshi were safe until Matthew could take them back!
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