Courtney is a member of the US National Guard.  She is currently in Fort Lee, VA, for training, and is in desperate need of a foster for her three guinea pigs and one Syrian hamster!  PACT is looking for a large-rodent friendly foster to care for her little babies stating ASAP – 3/2/2021.

Wiggles, Waggles, and Oreo are all male guinea pigs.  Wiggles and Waggles are 2 years old, and Oreo is just 1 year old.  The boys are not neutered, and should not be introduced to female guinea pigs in their foster home.  Courtney says, “Wiggles is the comforter of the three guinea pigs, looks out for them and is the calmest.  Waggles is a great cuddler, you just gotta wrangle him out of his space first.  Oreo is the baby!”

Lily is a 1 year old Syrian Hamster, female.  She is sweet and, like the boys, well socialized by Courtney.  PACT is looking for a rodent-experienced foster for Wiggles, Waggles, Oreo, and Lily, and preferable a family who would be willing to take on the pigs and Lily together!  Courtney will provide their enclosures and all of their supplies.  Please let us know if you might be interested!