Vinny and Jackie are currently located in Danville, CA

The owner is receiving medical treatment and needs foster care for five months, maybe less.


  • Male, Formosan Mountain Dog
  • 4 years old, 64 lbs
  • High Energy, leash trained, crate trained
  • Good with other dogs
  • Untrusting of new people, no cats or children should be in the home.

Fun Facts: 

Vinny is true to his breed; he is a dog’s dog. Vinny gets along with other dogs and prefers other dogs’ company to humans. Even after he trusts you, he still prefers his own space and may give a warning growl if you enter his area. Just ignore him, and he will come to you.  Vinny can get bored if left alone for too long or without the proper amount of mental and physical stimulation. To prevent unwanted destructive boredom habits, provide consistent and firm training. He has chew wood furniture, wood blinds, and other items.

Vinny has high energy levels. He needs to get at least two good half-hour- to hour-long walks per day with a few active play sessions. Vinny is an escape artist in the yard. He will tunnel under the fence, find weak boards in the fence, break thru, and chew the boards of the fence until he can get thru.

The owner will purchase extra and supply the extra bottom fence barrier.


  • Female, Pitbull Mix
  • 12 years old, 64 lbs
  • Medium energy, not leash trained, not destructive
  • Good with other dogs
  • NO cats or other small pets
  • Needs a 6 ft plus fence

Fun Fact:

Jackie has high anxiety. The owner says, “Jackie would cry and dig at the carpet by the door that would be separating her from me when I first got her. I did have to put her on some meds that helped with her anxiety for the first couple of months, but she quickly adjusted to my set routine.”

Jackie will kiss your face until you can’t take it. She is eager to please and is a roll with the punch’s kind of personality. She is happy to chill by your side and cuddle up to you. Even if she doesn’t fit, she’ll just lay on top of you.

Jackie gets along with other dogs, but she has a high hunt drive for smaller animals, cats, squirrels, and small pets. Jackie has a high jump and will get animals on the fence line. She loves stuffing. Jackie typically doesn’t go for stuffed animals, but when she does, she destroys them. And dog beds magically explode with stuffing everywhere when unattended with one.

If you are interested in fostering Vinny and Jackie, please fill out a Foster Family Application. If you are interested and have already completed your Foster Application, please email and let us know.