We all are well aware of the raid and discovery of a major dog fighting ring that occurred on the property of NFL star Michael Vick 5 years ago. Most dog lovers will never forget or forgive Vick for his barbaric actions. However, astonishingly, a majority of the dogs abused and forced to fight by Vick have been able to turn the page and live new lives with loving families upon being rescued and adopted by loving individuals throughout the country.

Fast forward 5 years to present day, seven Vick dogs rescued by Oakland-based pit bull advocacy group, BAD RAP, were reunited on October 27 in California. The dogs, who still bare physical scars from their rough past, have each adapted tremendously to their new lives as loved family pets. All seven of the dogs were visibly excited and happy to see each other. The dogs were met and cheered on by 125 BAD RAP supporters.

Donna Reynolds, director of BAD RAP, depicted the scene: “There were lots of hugs, kisses, lots of crying. When people meet these dogs, they cry. They understand that they are little pieces of positive history.” We truly can learn a lot from these dogs. Despite their horrible past, they are able to appreciate their new lives. Dogs do not dwell on the past; they live in the current, positive, moment.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/11/five-years-rescued-vick-dogs-reunite/

Image Courtesy of: Mark Rogers/www.markrogersphotography.com