Tweety is a darling grey tabby cat who needed our help! Tweety is dearly beloved by her senior dad, Robert; she brought life and love into his quiet home. Unfortunately, Robert recently had a stroke, and was at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital for two months, regaining control of his right hand. His best friend, Matthew, wanted to foster Tweety himself but he already had five cats, one of which has FeLV, so unfortunately he could not offer a safe haven to Tweety until her dad recovered. Tweety was placed with the Jenkins family for her first month until the stress of moving made her aggressive, at which point she was moved to our own Assistant Director’s home for a month. Once Robert was out of the hospital and comfortable moving around his own home, he and Matthew jetted out to retrieve their lovely kitty Tweety, and the reunion could not have been sweeter. Thank you to everyone involved in keeping Tweety safe until Robert could take her home!

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