Say hello to Tony Montana! His desired placement location is in Kansas City, Missouri. The owner can transport up to 30 miles away. His owner will pay for transport or is willing to accept transport assistance from a potential foster.

His owner is experiencing medical hardship.

Basic Fur Facts:

  • Male, Siamese Cat
  • 3-years-old
  • Approx. 12 pounds
  • Medium energy
  • Loves people. Lived with other cats.
  • No real exposure to kids. Minimal exposure to dogs.
  • Has claws but no aggression or destruction.
  • Uses litterbox 100% of the time
  • No adverse reaction to rain/thunder, but terrified of fireworks

Fun Facts:

So get a load of this – Tony knows TRICKS!! Seriously! He can do high-fives, sit, stay & even JUMP THROUGH HOOPS!!  His mom hopes that whatever foster home he ends up in will help him practice his commands.

His ideal home is someone who is home a lot as he is used to (and loves!) attention. He is very nosy and enjoys looking out of windows, and will come running if you open the fridge (“Anything in there for me?”). Speaking of refrigerators, Tony is a social eater, so he will need to have someone around to watch him eat. He is a ‘medium’ talker and mostly does it when his mom is on the phone, so it’s like he wants to be part of the conversation.

Tony is a sweet boy, chill, easy-going & very loving. However, while he likes to cuddle & may follow his fav person around (mom calls him her “cat-dog”), he can also be independent and enjoys quiet time in a favorite spot in the sun. His favorite toy is a mouse on a wand & he can play with it for quite a bit of time, running, pouncing, and jumping. He’s super quick, so playtime is also entertaining for his owner.

He is very sociable with other cats. He is not destructive and always uses his scratching post. *Tony has not spent much time around children but did not demonstrate any negative behavior when he was. He was exposed to a dog on one occasion and appeared confused by the situation – he puffed his tail out, yet he also followed him around. Due to these circumstances, we cannot say how he would respond for longer periods of time living with a dog or children, so a potential foster would have to bear that in mind. Finally, Tony does have occasional flare-ups of allergies, and when that happens, he requires drops in his ears; his owner says that he has not needed this medication in some time.

If you would be interested in fostering Tony, please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at