Meet Theo! He is currently in Saint Marys, GA. His owner is willing to transport him within eight hours of that area. Theo can also be placed around Daytona Beach, FL unless the foster can provide assistance for travel elsewhere.

Fur Facts:

  • Dog, Male
  • Lab mix
  • 1-year-old
  • 60 pounds
  • High-energy
  • Healthy
  • Loves people
  • Lived with cats and occasionally dogs
  • Exposure to young toddlers and older kids
  • No aggression. No destruction except his toys left about
  • Crate & potty trained

Fun Facts:

This big baby of a puppy has never met a stranger. Super friendly, he absolutely loves being with people (especially women), perhaps more so than other dogs. He likes to look out the window, people watching and if you leave the room, he cries wondering where you are, before getting up to follow you around like a toddler. His ideal home would be an active couple who would enjoy taking them out and about with him; he enjoys jogging with his owner, car rides, and being out and about. He also loves to play rough, so a teenager who wants to dote on him would also be a perfect environment.

Theo goes to the dog park and plays nicely with other dogs; he was attacked at the park once and did not defend himself, being entirely submissive. Due to his strength (not the disposition, which is super sweet), he might be better suited to playing with dogs Corgi-sized and upwards, so he doesn’t hurt anyone with all his puppy energy.  He has lived peacefully with a cat – it let him know when it didn’t want to be bothered and Theo understood. If Theo is placed in a home with cats, just know that he will need approx. a week to learn “manners” around it since he wants to play and chase them (in a friendly/play-fashion).  His grandfather says that he is a very vocal dog and loves to have conversations (howling at you), so no introverts need apply.

Being a young puppy, he is still learning manners and can jump up on people. He is perfectly happy being around little kids, but because he is so strong (and doesn’t realize it) that he might knock them over, so his mom feels a home with older kids might be better. Of note is that he pulls on his leash and sometimes makes (what seems like) ‘scary’ noises when he plays with dogs sometimes, but this is NOT aggression, just vocalizations he makes.  Lastly, this fellow does NOT enjoy mani-pedi’s so they would have to be trimmed at the vet.

If you would be interested in fostering Theo, please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at