Theodora found a foster in NC!

Xavian is a member of the US Air Force and was called for an urgent assignment starting 3/2/2021 – 9/2/2021.  Xavian has no close family or friends to care for Theodora, the beautiful Savannah cat.  Theo needs a foster near their home in Asheville, NC, ASAP!

Theodora is a 1 year old, 7lbs, spayed female Savannah cat.  Theo is up to date on his vaccinations and will be put on flea/tick prevention before entering her foster home.  Theodora is a very playful kitten and has a unique chirping meow that is so cute!  She doesn’t have experience with other cats or dogs, but would likely be fine with another playful feline or canine companion.  Xavian says, “She is a Savannah, so she has a beautiful coat and a cute tiny head. She loves to play, and her meow is so unique. She loves everyone she has ever met.”

FUR FACTS: Theodora
ASAP – 9/1/2021 (6 months)
Currently in Asheville, NC
Female, Spayed, 1 years old, 7 lbs Savannah cat

Children: Good with gentle kids
Other dogs: Untested with dogs
Cats: Untested with cats
High Energy, litter trained, up to date on vaccinations, parasite preventative

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