This Veterans Day, PACT asks that we honor the pets who help our veterans after they return from service. Military pets serve our country by caring for those who protect us. Resources like Smithsonian Magazine confirm this idea with discussions on pets acting as lifesavers for war veterans.

Benefits of a veteran owning a pet range from reconnecting with their families to sleeping more easily at night. Bonding with a pet helps rebuild the ability to trust, which can be damaged after a traumatic experience. Easier sleeping comes from knowing a pet is on watch, easing hyper vigilance left over from the battlefield. With dogs, in particular, a veteran may teach them service commands, allowing them to integrate a critical part of their experience into everyday life.

PACT believes that veterans should not have to lose their pets while seeking help for war-related injuries or PTSD. Our Military Pet Foster Program is always open to veterans in treatment so they can keep their furry touchstones for reintegration. PACT thanks America’s veterans for their selfless work, and the companion animals that provide them with unconditional love. Through these pets, we are reminded that service comes in multiple forms, ranging from deployment overseas to healing at home.

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PACT parent Joy Warner coming home to her furry family, Herbie and Petunia. Watch their reunion here!