PA Senate bill SB #1245 has been proposed to help offset the cost to pet foster families helping the military through eligible foster programs like PACT’s Military Foster Program.

We’re asking that you petition your local representatives and PA State Senator Mike Brubaker to request their support in bringing forth this bill for review before the PA Finance Committee.

If supported by Senator Brubaker, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and voted before the Finance Committee it will move to the Senate floor to be voted into law.

SB #1245 offers PA income tax credits for pet foster homes helping deployed PA military service members. These families generously foster the animals of deployed military service men and women from up to two months to as long as two years. This bill will provide a $100.00 PA income tax credit for each three consecutive months of uncompensated pet fostering to eligible foster homes that offer free foster care to the pets of a Pennsylvanian service member on active duty. Click here to learn more about SB #1245.

Here’s how you can help support SB #1245:  

  • Send a letter to Senator Brubaker and your local representatives asking them to support SB #1245. Here’s a sample letter to get started
  • Below is the contact information for Senator Brubaker:
  • Harrisburg Office
    168 Main Capitol
    Senate Box 203036
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    Phone: 717-787-4420
    FAX: 717-783-3156
    TTY: 800-364-1581
    District Office
    301 E. Main Street
    Lititz, PA 17543
    Phone: 717-627-0036
    FAX: 717-627-1389
    Toll Free: 866-738-1601
  • Call your local representatives and request they support SB #1245. If you have a personal story about a military pet foster experience – share it!
  • Sign our online petition. (But remember: A written request or phone call to your representative’s office is more impactful than an online petition.)

Take action! You have the power to create change. Start sharing and watch your impact grow!

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