Stella is currently in San Bernardino, CA (4ish hours from LA). The owner prefers a foster in California but is willing to have her dog transported.

Her owner is in the Navy and has already been deployed to Japan.

Fur Facts:

  • Female Dog
  • German Shepherd
  • Two years old, 60 pounds
  • Medium energy,  Healthy
  • Ok, during thunder & fireworks.

She loves people and dogs (except Alphas). Has had no exposure to children or cats. Living with three smaller dogs.

Fun Facts:

Stella is a sweet, good-natured 2-year-old who still acts like a puppy in that she pulls hard on her leash since she is excited to see people and other dogs. She can also play rough with her siblings (a Bassett and Beagle) due to her strength and energy, but there are no concerns about aggression. She is very much a ‘nosy’ dog – always wanting to be with you, following you around as if to say, “What are you doing?” just like a toddler would do. She may try to herd her people, and she always brings sticks and branches as gifts (she LOVES sticks!!) She also REALLY loves bubbles, and if her grandma doesn’t have time to walk her much after work, she brings out the bubbles and lets Stella run and jump after them, lol. Stella goes on short walks (1/2 – 1 mile) as her primary means of exercise if she isn’t playing with her siblings or the hose. She cannot be crated but happily sleeps on her bed or the floor.

Stuffed animals have NO PLACE around her – enough said! Besides that, she has no destructive tendencies. She is also food aggressive, so if there are other dogs in the house, the foster must take care of mealtimes (she is good about taking treats around other dogs, but not her meals). Trucks and buses get her very worked up, and she needs to be reassured and told to lay down. Her owner feels she should not be around Alpha dogs because Stella is young, and as she develops, they want to avoid any potential conflict.

If you would be interested in fostering Stella, please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at