Kathleen is a citizen in Vancouver, WA, who is undergoing cancer treatment.  While Kathleen focuses on her recovery, she will need a caring foster home for her little cat, Sooty, from 7/31/2021 – 2/28/2022.  Can you offer Sooty a place to stay?
Sooty is a 2 year old, 7lbs, spayed female tabby cat.  She is up to date on her vaccinations and flea/tick prevention.  Sooty is an energetic, playful, and mischievous cat.  She was very attached to Kathleen’s senior dog, Toby, but he sadly passed away only a short few months ago.  Sooty is more playful than cuddly, but will still ask to be held and pet, especially if you’re sitting at the computer or reading.  Kathleen has tried to teach her not to be as destructive as she was as a kitten, but fosters should know that she may scratch carpets or chew on rubber-coated wires.  Kathleen says, “The perfect foster for Sooty would be Someone that is kind enough to put up with all of Sooty’s naughty things that she does without getting too mad at her. She is not the cuddly type of cat and she does things like jumps up on the kitchen counter and throws down things to the floor for the dog. She will jump up onto your printer to see what makes the paper move. She will only want you to hold her when you are busy at the computer. When she is playing with her favorite friend our dog she will antagonize him to get him to chase her and then she will run and chase him. She will get up onto the fireplace mantle and dive bomb the dog and then run. Anyone that could put up with all of her antics and not get upset would be the perfect foster family for Sooty.”

7/31/2021 – 2/28/2022 (6 months)
Currently in Vancouver, WA

Female, Spayed, 2 years old, 7 lbs Tabby cat

Children: Good with kids
Other dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Good with cats
Medium Energy, litter trained, up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick prevention

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