Ann has had Snowflake, a playful, cuddly Bichon Frise, for 14 years. Sadly, Ann’s mother was sick and needed Ann’s full attention. Further, Anne’s mother is also allergic to dogs. To make circumstances even worse, Anne’s daughter, who would normally care for Snowflake, had just moved to Colorado. Ann could not bear to lose her darling senior dog to a shelter after so long. So, when she contacted PACT, we put Ann and Snowflake in touch with the McMurray family who already had two small senior pups of their own. When Snowflake arrived, he fit right in! Ann was so relieved to have 10 months to focus on helping her mother heal and organize her sister’s living situation. This month, when Ann and Snowflake were reunited, tears were shed on both sides — the MucMurrays will miss their sweet little Snowflake, but Ann and her family are deeply grateful to have him back.
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