Skye is currently in Philadelphia, PA. The owner’s family is willing to travel a reasonable distance along the East Coast to place Skye. She is with family now but cannot stay there due to allergies of the foster family.

Her owner is currently deployed out of the San Diego Naval base.


  • Female German Shepherd
  • 4 yrs old, 75 lbs.
  • Medium energy, Healthy.
  • Loves people. Can live with small children, cats, and other dogs.
  • No aggression or destruction.
  • Leash Training: Yes, but pulls heavily.
  • Potty trained/potties outside


Skye is a lovable, playful, and easy-to-care-for girl who will make a great companion to the foster who takes her in.

She is happy, doesn’t require a lot of exercise, and likes to cuddle and give kisses. If you’re watching tv, she will be there with you, occasionally “forgetting” she’s not a lap dog, so be prepared for some very ‘close’ companionship.

Her owner keeps her crated while away from home during the day, and she sleeps in her crate at night. While her owner is away at work, she doesn’t have any accidents. In the am, she either gets a short walk or supervised time in the yard and then a short walk at night to get her energy out. Although she is a German Shepherd, she doesn’t have the hyper energy many Shepherds do. One walk a day is fine for her. She is pretty good on the leash, only occasionally pulling or barking.

When not in her crate, she may be found playing with other dogs or interacting with the cats. She likes following her grandmother around the house, “helping” with chores, etc. She likes squeaky toys, car rides, playing tug-o-war, and fetch. She does not go to dog parks or daycare.

There’s not much to be concerned about with this houseguest – She doesn’t dig up the yard or destroy anything by chewing, etc. She hasn’t tried to ‘escape’ via the front door since she was a puppy and doesn’t jump up on anyone (except her grandmother). The only thing to note is that Skye is a big shedder, so a potential foster has to be prepared for hair around the house.

Skye has recently turned into a social eater: if you leave her alone to have her meal, she will carry her bowl over to where you are so she can have your company while she eats.

Please consider opening your home to this good girl.

If you would be interested in fostering Skye, please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at