Sammy and Doc might just be the two best dogs in the world. A 5yo lab and a 3yo lab mix, Sammy and Doc have been the best friends of Thomas and his young family for years. Their dad, Chief Petty Officer McGuffin, was deployed with the Navy for six months, and since he had just moved to the East Coast he knew no one that would take his sweet pups– but there was no way he could abandon them at a shelter! Luckily McGuffin found PACT and we were able to place his pups in an amazing foster home in just a few days. McGuffin could focus on his duty to his country, knowing that his best friends were safe and sound until he returned. This month, McGuffin was happily reunited with Sammy and Doc. Thank you to CPO McGuffin and the two amazing foster families that sheltered Doc and Sammy until their dad returned home!

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