Sadie adds love to your life! When she’s not snuggling you or your kids, she likes to play fetch and romp around with other dogs. Sadie grew up with young children and is very gentle. Her mom, 2nd Lieutenant Ramah, has a year-long tour set in Osan AFB in Korea, and unfortunately cannot take Sadie with her — but has raised Sadie since she was a puppy and does not want to lose her furry family. Ramah’s two children, who grew up with Sadie, are also attached to this darling Cattle Dog mix. Lt. Ramah drove all the way out from Oklahoma to place her beloved pup with the amazing Bowker family. The Bowker’s, along with their two teenage daughters and two friendly dogs, were happy to welcome Sadie to the family — and it looks like their lab mix Beasley has a new girlfriend!

Thank you Ramah for your service, and to the Bowker family for caring for Sadie!

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