Russel, a private in the Marines, needed 8 months of training at Parris Island, but he also needed an emergency foster home for his two dogs. Princess, a calm, elegant husky, and Caesar, a playful pitbull, were Russel’s furry family and he could not stand the thought of losing them. He had arranged a foster home for them before he joined up, but at the last minute that foster fell through. Russel knew that surrendering them to a shelter would mean never seeing them again, but he couldn’t stand to lose his beloved pups! Fortunately, PACT was able to connect Russell with the Witsen family. A two-time PACT foster home, the Witsens gave Princess and Caesar a royal welcome. While Russel was away, the Witsens sent him regular updates on their antics. Although Caesar developed aggressive cancer while Russel was away and passed before his dad returned, Russel was thrilled to have Princess able and healthy to welcome him home. Thank you to the Witsens for being an incredible PACT Foster Family, and thank you to Russel for your service to our country!

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