Roscoe is the life of the party!

For the past four years, Roscoe has entertained his dad, TSgt Morgan, not only with tricks, but also with loving cuddles. Unfortunately, a Permanent Change of Station has left TSgt Morgan searching for pet friendly housing. Thankfully, for the four months TSgt Morgan will need to search, Roscoe has a safe place to go. PACT was able to place Rosoce with The Mayers, who welcomed him with open arms (and kisses from their pit-boxer mix, Kala). Until Tsgt Morgan can come home, Roscoe will keep his foster family entertained when he is asked told, “speak”, “Up/down” (controlled jumping), and “bang bang” (lie down and roll over). PACT thanks the Mayers for taking care of Roscoe and Tsgt Morgan for his service to our country.

We are thrilled to announce that Roscoe had a wonderful reunion with his owner! Thank you to the Mayers and their dog Kala (seen in the picture with her foster brother) for opening their home and hearts to Roscoe!

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