Roddy and Marty’s owner is transitioning out of the military and needs someone to foster his pets during this time. Currently, located in El Paso, TX, the Owner can transport up to 8 hrs away but is willing to accept assistance from foster to transport further away. Ideal locations are El Paso to San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas.

Dogs do NOT have to be fostered together. The owner states that the dogs feed off each other’s energy, which might be too much for a single foster to handle. They also walk better on a leash without the other present.

Fur Facts:
Male, light golden-colored Mutt
2 yrs old, approx. 65lbs.
Hyper/High energy, Healthy.
He loves people and can live with other dogs who are not hyper/high-energy. No exposure to cats*. No young children.
No aggression or destruction.
Potty trained/potties outside.
Leash trained but pulls.
Crate trained and should be kept in a crate when alone in the house.
Destruction: Will chew items when left alone, should be crated when left alone.
May try to get out of the house to meet new people or attend something interesting.
Will bark when people or dogs pass the house or yard.
Fun Facts:
Roddy enjoys holding his bone in his mouth and walking around the house with it. As he is a “COVID Baby”, he is used to having someone home all the time and is somewhat needy; when he wants attention (often), he will make sure you know it! Roddy is fine being home alone for 8-10 hours. He loves to snuggle with you, put his head in your lap, and would love access to your bed. Roddy is a smart boy, and if there is a dog on tv, he knows it! Note that he is very food motivated and refuses to do things unless he is rewarded – bananas, oranges, or other fruit, please, lol.
Roddy requires a 5′ high fence because he can jump over shorter fences. Due to his high energy, he goes to the dog park three(3) times a week to work some of it off. Roddy enjoys playing fetch, wrestling, and taking naps. As he does jump up on people or may have a tendency to bolt from the house or yard, the owner recommends the foster has no young children. Roddy does shed and will need to be brushed to keep it in check. Finally, while Roddy has not lived with any cats, his owner reports that when he saw one outside, he was very curious and determined to find out where the cat went. While it didn’t appear to be an aggressive ‘hunt,’ we are specifying no cats to err on the side of caution.
Fur Facts:
Male, darker golden-colored Mutt
2 yrs old, approx. 75lbs.
Medium energy, Healthy.
Loves people and should be the only pet in the household. No Children.
No aggression or destruction.
Potty trained/potties outside.
Leash trained: Yes, but pulls heavily.
Crate trained and should be crated when alone.
Will chew items when left alone.
May try to get out of the house to meet new people or attend something interesting.
Fun Facts
Marty isn’t as demanding as Roddy is and is a bit more independent-minded. This strong boy can jump high,  so a yard with a 6′ high fence is required. Marty gets nervous, and defensive around other animals and should be The only pet in the home. Marty does much better around people, especially after a few minutes of warming up to them. He is smart like his brother and will scratch at the door to tell you when he needs to go outside and potty.
Marty is a highly loyal dog and is more on the mellow side compared to Roddy. He loves to play fetch in the yard and would prefer to stay home rather than walk. He loves getting a pet and will let you hold him when he trusts you.
Like Roddy, this boy also likes his snacks, especially fruit. He goes for bananas and oranges as well and takes them gently.
If you would be interested in fostering Roddy or Marty please visit our website at and fill out the foster home application. If you are already approved to be a foster, email us at