Erika is a member of the US Army and is currently overseas on assignment.  Erika had left her dogs, Rocky and Chico, with a family who had vowed to care for them and love them just like Erika would.  The relationship has not worked out, as first the family asked Erika to find another place for Chico (thanks to PACT Foster Lindsey for stepping up!) and now, they are threatening to take Rocky to the pound if PACT can’t find a spot for him as well.  We need EMERGENCY placement for this sweet guy starting ASAP until Erika gets home on 7/15/2020.

Rocky is a 2 year old male pitbull.  Rocky is not yet neutered, but will be shortly after he enters foster care with PACT.  He will need a foster who is willing to take him to the vet for his surgery, pick him up, and make sure that he heals well following his neuter.  Rocky is about 60lbs, leash trained, and knows commands for sit, lay down, give me paw, and come here.  Rocky has lived peacefully with other dogs, cats, and older kids in the 6-12+ range previously.  Please consider giving this big boy a safe place to stay and give Erika some peace of mind while she’s overseas!

ASAP-7/15/2020 (8 months)
Currently in Ft Hood, TX
Male, Neuter-Pending, 2 years old, 60 lbs Pit Bull

Children: Good with kids 6+
Other dogs: Good with other dogs
Cats: Good with cats
Medium Energy, housebroken, leash trained, up to date on vaccinations, flea/tick/heartworm preventative

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