Cotton and Piddle:
Cotton and Piddle are two tiny pups who love to cuddle on the couch and watch TV. Cotton, the 10-year-old Maltie-poo, will dance for his dinner, and Piddle, the 4-year-old Yorkie-poo, loves playing with car keys. Both are the beloved pups of Rhonda, a veteran who suffered a blood infection that had, tragically, spread to her spinal column. While Rhonda underwent treatment for around 3 months, the friends who were watching Cotton and Piddle found they could no longer afford the pet deposit where they were staying. Therefore, Rhonda became desperate to find a temporary home for Cotton and Piddle. Thankfully, long-time PACT volunteer, Linda, and her furry family stepped up to the plate and cared for both Cotton and Piddle until Rhonda recovered. Rhonda has been reunited with Cotton and Piddle and the three are enjoying snuggle time on the couch again!

Watch Cotton and Piddle’s incredibly cute reunion with Rhonda here!

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